Fishing Report 24th June 2021

Fishing Report 24th June 2021

Photo: Matthew Taylor with a great example of the quality of fish at Cressbrook, Hot Bite Raptor Slow fall being the standout!

Lure Of The Week - Zerek Live Mullet/Swimbait



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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - There's still some good fish about at Cooby this past week, the cod have been on the move and a few Yellow Belly mixed in. The water clarity is looking realy good at the present time. Targeting the edges of the weed will be your best bet as the shallow weed is holding the warmer water. Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits fished close to the weed have had the best success. During the low light periods top water has again seen a lot of attention.

Cressbrook Dam - Our local lake is on Fire! Great Numbers of fish were caught last weekend and it continued throughout the week. The Schooled fish in the main basin are biting well, covering ground and searching for active fish is key, when one school shuts down move onto the next don't stay on the same school for long as this will shut them down. The afternoon bite is by far the most consistent as the water temp reaches is maximum is when the fish have been the most active. Spoons have been the most effective along with soft plastics rigged on a heavy Jig head, the Smak Jig heads have a great range of colours and weights to suit your needs. The edge bite is always worth a try but the bite window has been short due to the colder weather of a morning. Jackall Squirrels and Daiwa Double clutch has picked up some nice fish.

Somerset Dam - Similar results from last week, its slowly on the mend and fish are starting to school up. Finding the fish hasn't been easy, patience is your best tool for winter time bass fishing as these fish can fire at any time. Keeping your lure tight to the bottom is a must, Deep diving crank baits like the Rapala DT 16 or 20 has been the lure of choice for a lot of anglers. The Queen street and Kirkliegh flats has been the go to areas. 

Leslie Dam - The fish have been few and far between at Leslie unfortunately with the dirty water still around. Bait fishing is your best option, Saltwater yabbies and Live worms has picked up the majority. Looking for clearer water around the dam wall has been the best. The trolling anglers having a little of success, targeting the edges of the creek bed is your best chance.

Boondooma Dam - Another exeptional week out on Boondooma with alot of fish caught, the majority of the fish have been caught on the flats after the narrow stretch of the lake, a range of lures have been working; Mask vibes, Blades, spoons and plastics have all had their days. Keeping your lure tight to the bottom has been key. The fish have reacted well to most of these baits hopped across the bottom.

Copeton Dam - The lead up to too full moon has triggered some good fish this week, several fish over the meter have been accounted for. This weekend should be great fishing with the temperature really getting down, the colder it is the shallower the fish will get. Topwater and Shallow running swimbaits like the Jackall Gigantarel or Top Attack has had some serious results.

Lake Monduran - Tough conditions over the previous weeks with the wind changing by the day, it doesn't make barra fishing easy, still good numbers of fish around if your patient for that bite. With North westerly winds the southern end of the lake has been the go too areas, Bird Bay being the main one. Targeting the very shallow bays or suspended fish amongst the spindly trees has been the best method. Fishing slow is a must during winter. Jackall 79 squirrel is the go to bait for fishing slow as these can be paused for long period of time which can trigger the fussiest Barra.

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