Fishing Report 1st July 2021

Fishing Report 1st July 2021

Photo: Brett Trueman with a great Murray Cod caught at Glenlyon

Lure Of The Week - Mudeye Thingy

 Mudeye Lures - The Thingy

The Mudeye 'Thingy' comes in at 100mm (without tail) and is available in 6 colours. The lure is often referred to as 'the Rat' in fishing circles and once glance is all you need to know why. This lure can be worked across the top or down to 10ft. It is constructed with timber, coated in rabbit fur and has a soft plastic tail. Find them here: Mudeye Thingy

Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Still good numbers of cod being on the move and willing to take a bait or lure. The normal afternoon bite has been by far the most productive for most, Topwater has again caught the attention if fished in the right area, Targeting the weedier bays on sunset have been successful. For the Yellow Belly fisherman, vertically fishing blades has been popular while saltwater Yabbies have been top choice for the bait anglers.

Cressbrook Dam - Some outstanding fishing to be had on Cressbrook of late, with a great quantity of fish being caught and quality amongst them, some over the magic 50cm. With the fish being quite spread out through the main basin and the creek arms it gives a lot of anglers a great variety of spots to fish throughout the day, moving and finding the active fish and not staying in the same location for long once they do shut down is your best advice for getting consistent bites. Spoons such as Palms Slow Blatt, Hot Bite Gang Banger G2 and Raptor getting the best response.

Wivenhoe Dam - Results have picked up compared to the last few quite weeks, Good Patches of schooled fish have been found in the southern end of the basin, again deep diving Crankbaits have been the best option for most, others have had success on spoons and heavily weighted plastics. With recent rain and somerset releasing water there has been the odd fish on the banks, Jackall Squirrels have been triggered good bites off the edge.

Leslie Dam - With school Holidays at the moment and a busy little lake we have seen some better fish caught. Bait is by far the most consistent with the dirty water still hanging around, the afternoon bite has been best, targeting the deeper ledge along the wash pool has seen the best results. This same area has also been productive for smaller cod. Trolling chin weighted Swimbaits to reach deeper water has worked.

Boondooma Dam - By far the most consistent lake in our region week in week out. Whether it be up on an edge or deeper schooled fish this lake just proves to be worth the drive. Out from the main ramp is good numbers of fish, plastics and blades being the go too. While working the edges Suspending hardbodies and soft Jackall's reaping the rewards.

Glenlyon Dam - The fishing is heating up as the water clears week by week, the fishing is not easy by any means but if you'r willing to put the time in you will rewarded. The key to finding those active fish is searching for clear water, the fish that have been caught have been up shallow on main lake points and bays, Swimbaits and topwater triggering the better bites. Keeping in mind after the recent water rise there is still the odd stump floating in the basin which can be dangerous.

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