Fishing Report 12th Jan 2024

Fishing Report 12th Jan 2024

Photo:  Bailey Ruhle with a Nice Cod caught from Coolmunda while fishing a Bassman Spinnerbait.

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Product of The Week - Barambah Deton8or

Flathead to Bass, Jacks to Barra. The perfect baitfish profile and size for a range of species. Built tough enough for tropical species with through wire construction and 4X strong BKK Trebles. The bite sized bait for many situations. With a tight action, can be used as a suspending jerkbait for impoundment bass and barra, when rigged with a 1/24Oz Chin Nut. Remove the Chin Nut for a great trolling or casting crankbait with good buoyancy to float off snags. For ultimate versatility add a 1/6 or 1/4 Oz Chin Nut and use it like a soft vibe.

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby - Cooby has been fishing pretty consistent as of late with plenty of fish being caught. Jigging TT Switchprawns and Profishent Master Vibes in the structure up the northern arm has been producing good Trolling the deeper water along the sailing club and northern arm has been popular using Cooby Cobba Deep Mighty Mite and Little Rippers 18+. Saltwater Yabbies and Live Shrimp have been the go to bait.

Cressbrook - Cressbrook is fishing quite well at the moment with a solid amount of fish being caught. Targeting the Deeper Points have been producing better numbers using Gangbanger g2s, Spectres and TN60s. Trolling the edges of the weed beds and rockwalls using Australian Crafted invaders and Hideup 300s have been popular. Live worms and Saltwater yabbies have been popular bait options.

Leslie - Leslie has been one of the most consistent dams lately with plenty of fishing being caught. Jigging Profishent Vixen blades and Zerek Fish Trap 78mm in the structure has been popular. Casting TN60s and Spinnerbaits have been good options. Trolling Kezza Mudmouses and Zerek Slickbacks around the edges has seen good numbers of fish being caught. Saltwater yabbies and Live Worms have been great for other anglers

Coolmunda - Coolmunda has seen a lot of nice cod and yellowbelly being caught over the past few weeks. Jigging TT Switchprawns and Samaki Vibelicious around the trees has been the best bet. Throwing spinnerbaits around the trees has seen a few nice cod being caught, fishing tight to the timber is key. Again Saltwater yabbies and worms being the best bait

Callide - Plenty of attention on Callide at the moment and with good reason, some giant fish have been caught the past few weeks and it continues, anglers working the main basin around the dam wall have found the most success, Either casting heavy plastics like the Molix 140 and Zerek Live Mullet, also trolling has been very effective. The Old faithful Barra classic has been a popular choice for some. Callide also holds good numbers of Red Claw and they have been quite active throughout the lake.

The Weather

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