Fishing Report 22nd Dec 2023

Fishing Report 22nd Dec 2023

Photo: Shane Rideout with a Monster 128cm Barra from Callide 

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Product of The Week - Baitsanity Explorer Gill

Baitsanity - Explorer Gill 6

A must-have Swimbait for all big-bait Murray Cod enthusiasts, the Baitsanity Explorer Gill Glide Bait delivers an ultra-realistic baitfish profile and an unrivalled action that big fish like Murray Cod can’t resist. Moulded with an anatomically correct profile and details, the Baitsanity Explorer Gill Glide Bait features a single joint construction, which generates a wide side-to-side “S” swimming action that draws the curiosity of fish and triggers ferocious strikes. It also features silicone attachments inside the joints to reduce noise as it glides back and forth for a more natural presentation that will fool even the most discerning Murray Cod. Adding to its realism, the 3D scales feature a three-level grain design, a progression of texturing that adds more depth to make the swimbait look more lifelike.

Moving down to the back end, the Baitsanity Explorer Gill Glide Bait features a patent-pending bait connect system, which allows anglers to change the original tail out with different tail styles to create other actions or replace old worn-out tails to keep that bait in tip-top condition. Armed with a set of premium treble hooks ready to chase trophy-calibre fish right out of the package, the Baitsanity Explorer Gill Glide Bait offers a deadly baitfish imitation that will help you catch your next metre plus Murray cod.

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Another great week of plenty of reports, Good numbers of fish have been located in front of the ramp, Northern arm and also fish starting to show up off the Bouy line in the deeper water. The edges of the creek bed have been popular, jigging or casting blades, soft vibes and Jackall Tn60's. The Bait anglers have had a lot of success even fishing from the bank. Saltwater Yabbies and Worms proving successful.

Cressbrook Dam - Plenty of fish on the move at Cressy after the recent rain, the edge bite has been popular with plenty of fishing moving up on the banks. Lipless Crankbaits and Spinnerbaits being effective. Good Numbers of Yellow Belly have caught in the basin, targeting the main lake points is your best bet, Jigging Zx Blades and the TT Switchprawn have been working well.

Leslie Dam - Its hard to believe the amount of fish being caught at this lake but the good bite continues. Plenty of fish showing up in Both deeper and shallower parts of the lake, anglers have been catching plenty casting Vibes and blades to the banks while others getting plenty of attention Jigging amongst the deeper water. Saltwater Yabbies proving the best for the bait anglers.

Lake Coolmunda - The Cod have come out to play this past week with plenty of Quality fish being caught, the timbered sections in the lake is your best place to start, Spinnerbaits, Mumblers and large Lipless Crankbaits he gotten plenty of attention. The Yellow Belly have also been quite active in the same areas, Jigging Blades tight to the timber is your best chance. Both Saltwater Yabbies and Live worms also getting plenty of bites.

Somerset Dam -  Its been a week of big fish and plenty of them, Bay 13 is holding plenty of fish and probably the most consistent spot of them all. Plastics like the ever faithful Slider have been very effective while spoons and Deep Crankbaits have all proved dominant on their days. Somerset is known for never having 2 days the same in a row.

Callide Dam - It's taken Callide some time but this lake has produced some absolute monsters this past week. The main basin is holding plenty of fish, main lake points and out from the Dam wall is hard to go past. Casting the ever faithful Molix 140 for these deeper fish has been hard to go past as well as Zerek Live Mullet and Slick Rig 130.

The Weather

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