Fishing Report 13th May 2021

Fishing Report 13th May 2021

Photo: Lucas Briggs with a Murray Cod from Copeton Dam 

Lure Of The Week - Jackall Gigantarel

This Gigantic bait is a huge 200mm and 5.4oz, making it one of Jackalls biggest baits to date.  Its pectoral fins allow this lure to dive to around 1mtr with a smooth S shaped action.  Just like his smaller brothers the Gantarel (160mm) and Chibitarel (130mm) this lure also can be jerked on slack line to turn this bait 180 Degrees to mimic a wounded bait fish. With the most realist paint Jobs this bait has it all, check the latest colours Online Now! Find them here: Jackall Gigantarel

Fishing Our Region

Dam levels for this week. Please note while the levels are current at time of the report, levels will still be rising and falling depending on weather activity & these percentages will change on a daily basis:
Cooby - OPEN - Level not available
Cressbrook - 31.5%
Leslie  - 28.86%
Coolmunda  -  100.74%
Glenlyon  - 54.00%
Copeton - 41.40%
Moogerah - 42.30%
Maroon - 99.50%
Somerset Dam - 75.80%
Wivenhoe Dam - 41.80%


Cooby DamCooby Is finally open and should fish well as the recent rain settles, no reports as yet but we will see this lake fish quite well after it being shut for so long. This weekend the weather is looking perfect for a day on Cooby. Saltwater Yabbies are always a standout on our local Lake.

Cressbrook DamStill Continues to fish well on the edges with some big fish caught, from suspending Hard Bodies to Lipless crankbaits and Spinnerbaits the fish haven't been fussy. Targeting the shallower weeded banks and bays have produced the majority of the fish. During the day there's good numbers of fish schooled in the main basin but a little tight lipped. Soft plastics like the slider grubs have gotten the bites on these fish. The Cressbrook Creek arm is the shallower arm of the 2, for the edge bite it has seen the most attention.
Leslie Dam - Leslie is starting to fire and impressing a lot of anglers which doubted this lake would be back to its former glory. The bait anglers have had huge success racking up the numbers, saltwater yabbies and Prawns being the go too, the bank fisherman even getting amongst the action. Remember 30cm is the legal limit for Yellow Belly and release all undersized fish. Lure wise it is getting better as the water begins to clear week by week, trolling and covering ground will be the best option. Dragging lures around the wash pool area and towards the dam wall where the clearer water is has been the best place.

Somerset Dam - We have seen similar reports this week to previous weeks, quite difficult fishing as the water level is still on the decline. The fish are holding tight to the bottom and making it hard for most anglers. Keeping your lure or bait on the bottom is a must right now. Lures like the Imakatsu IK800 and other deep diving Hardbodies have has the most attention. Between Pelican point and red rock seems to be the most action.

On a positive Note the red claw have fired up and are on the move the Kirkliegh timber has been the best location to put your pots. 4 pots per person and do not release them back into the water as they are a pest to our Impoundments. 

Wivenhoe Dam - Wivenhoe continues to impress, plenty of fish on the move and willing to eat, working the southern end of the main basin out from Billy's Bay has produced some amazing fish. Working the edge of the creek bed up onto the flats has been the best option. Spoons and Hot Bite Spectres being the lure of choice for most while the trolling anglers using deep diving hardbodies have accounted for their fish. With the cooler weather really settling in now the fish may push towards the edges up onto the warmer banks.

Coolmunda Dam - This lake hasn't made the reports for some time but its back, this lake sits at 100% and the water is slowly clearing up and seeing progress. The fisherman finally having some success on the lake, Saltwater yabbies and worms have worked well in the timbered area. As it clears we should see this lake fire during the warmer months coming up.
Copeton Dam - Local Anglers hit the lake last weekend and a few fish were caught but not easy fishing by any means. Targeting the clearer water in the basin was the best option, the lake is still on the rise after recent rain which has made the top end of the river a little dangerous to drive up as there's lots of floating debris around. With still a slow water flow the yellow belly have been in good numbers, targeting the deeper timber with soft vibes or ZX40's was successful.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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