Fishing Report 20th May 2021

Fishing Report 20th May 2021

Photo: Jacob Flemming with a Wivenhoe Bass

Lure Of The Week - ZX Blades

The ever faithful Zx Blade has taken the fishing world by storm since its release quite a few years ago and is still by the most successful Yellow Bellow Lure on the market. Any fish that eats a shrimp will destroy the Ecogear ZX blades!! The shrimp shaped ZX blade incorporates a series of NEW design techniques for superior strength, control, action, appeal and hooksetting ability.
Having a wide range of colours with three different sizes and weights allows anglers to use the ZX over a vast array of structures and depths. The ZX range is not limited to size or particular fishing environment and is capable of targeting almost any light game species. A proven fish catcher the ZX represents the ultimate peak in blade style lures.
Find them here: EcoGear ZX Blades 

Fishing Our Region

Dam levels for this week. Please note while the levels are current at time of the report, levels will still be rising and falling depending on weather activity & these percentages will change on a daily basis:
Cooby - Level not available
Cressbrook - 31.50%
Leslie  - 28.85%
Coolmunda  -  100.57%
Glenlyon  - 54.03%
Copeton - 41.50%
Moogerah - 42.2%
Maroon - 99.70%
Somerset Dam - 74.90%
Wivenhoe Dam - 41.70%


Cooby DamWait for it......... Cooby is OPEN again. No reports on fishing as yet. Lets hope that she stays open for longer this stint. 

Cressbrook DamOur local lake has fished well again this week, as the cooler temp settles in we have seen the schooled fish biting a little better than previous weeks, Targeting the suspended fish in the main basin has been the best option, Soft plastics like the ever faithful slider grub and similar 3 inch plastics have been the go to. The deeper predominant points in the basin are holding good patches of fish.
Leslie Dam - Good reports still coming in from Leslie, Cod have been on the move with this colder weather, trolling has been the best option, Working the edge of the creek bed in the basin has been productive, targeting the same area has been effective for the yellow belly as well, Saltwater yabbies and live worms have been the most successful for the bait anglers.

Somerset Dam - Very little reports unfortunately this week, it's been struggle city for the casting anglers, the fish haven't been easy to find or catch. On the other hand, trolling has picked up good fish, Pelican Point across to red rock is holding fish, keeping your lure tight to the bottom or structure is key. The timbered up at kirkleigh is fishing well, targeting the standing timber with ZX blades and soft vibes has accounted for good yellow belly. Saltwater yabbies and worms has also done well.

Wivenhoe Dam - The exceptional fishing can't last for ever, a little slower during the week, the fish have spread out and made it that little bit tougher for anglers. With that in mind and the fish spread out trolling has been the pick of the techniques ,covering ground and finding those active fish with deep diving hardbodies has been accountable for some very good sessions. For the casting anglers wind drifting Hot Bite Spectres has accounted for the better bites along with Spoons and heavily weighted plastics fished tight to the bottom.

Boondooma Dam - We didn't think the fishing could get any better on this lake but it has over the last week even with the colder weather, there has been a great edge bite of a morning, casting suspending hardbodies like the Jackall Squirrel or Daiwa Double clutch has been impressive catchers. While through out the day the fish are schooled up big time in the main basin. Metal spoons like the Hot Bite Gang Banger has accounted for some big fish sessions. 

Copeton Dam - That time of year is here, The cold weather has hit and the fish are on the move, the lead up to the full moon has been promising and it'll only get better. The fish are moving shallow and taking advantage of the higher water levels. Go big or go home, Big swimbaits and top waters is the standout as these fish become quite aggressive the colder it gets. Targeting shallow grassy banks and bays will be your best bet as the bait pushes into the warmer water. Sun up and sun down will be your best chance. The Jackall Gantarel and Gigantarel is a no brainer as they replicate the Boney Bream and Spangle Perch.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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Just a thankyou for taking the time to release your fishing report this week. I will enjoy it every week.
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