Fishing Report - 6th May 2021

Fishing Report - 6th May 2021

Photo: Nathan Palmer..... Our staff catch the odd fish sometimes too....

Lure Of The Week - Charlie Brewer 3" Slider Grub

This particular soft plastics has been the #1 soft plastic for a very long time and still continues to lead the pack. With its Vibra-Tail causes an irresistible tail wiggle that just attracts big fish. The grub can be fished weedless or open hook. This is the average size of bait fish observed in fish after years of cleaning fish. A proven lure for Australian Bass!
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Fishing Our Region

Dam levels for this week. Please note while the levels are current at time of the report, levels will still be rising and falling depending on weather activity & these percentages will change on a daily basis:
Cressbrook - 31.5%
Leslie  - 28.65%
Coolmunda  -  100.50%
Glenlyon  - 53.76%
Copeton - 40.10%
Moogerah - 42.10%
Maroon - 98.90%
Somerset Dam - 76.6%
Wivenhoe Dam - 41.50%


Cooby Dam - Lake Cooby remains CLOSED for all boating and fishing activities due to Cylindrospermopsin levels exceeding the recreational water guidelines. Each week water is tested to ensure it meets safety standards for recreational activity (direct contact without water treatment). Cylindrospermopsin toxins have decreased to 0.5 g/L and this needs to be under 0.5. Enterococci levels have once again risen and are currently measuring 40 cfu/100ml (colony-forming units per millilitre) and must reduce to 35 cfu/100ml before we open the lake. Hopefully once the recent rain is settled we see this lake re open.

Cressbrook Dam - It's all about the exceptional edge bite at Cressbrook the past few weeks and it continues to get better, casting Lipless crankbaits and suspending hardbodies amongst the thick weeded banks have accounted for some big fish, the early bite has far been the best as during the day the schooled fish have been hit and miss, the trollers having the most success on the schooled fish. Trolling Deep diving hardbodies and heavy spinnerbaits have had good success. The Cressbrook creek arm has produced the better fish on the edges as these banks are shallower than the Bull Creek Arm.

Leslie Dam - Very good signs of our local lake fishing quite well, with the water slowly clearing up the lure anglers are starting to get amongst them. Targeting the edges of the creek bed with good structure has seen some good fish landed, while other anglers fish with saltwater yabbies and live worms are taking the advantage of some very hungry fish.

Somerset Dam - A slow and steady week unfortunately, the fish are in numbers just a little tight lipped. The dropping water levels never make it easy at this time of year. With the fish being hard to the bottom the trolling anglers are having the best success. The southern point of pelican point and the kirkliegh timber have produced some good Yellowbelly.

Wivenhoe Dam - Some amazing fishing at Wivenhoe over the past month and it only gets better as the cooler weather settles in. The fish are schooled up big time and willing to eat a lure. Spoons, plastics and Hot bite spectres accounting for some massive fish, Multiple fish over 50cm have been caught, the bite hasn't been small and has lasted for the majority of the day. Moving around and searching for the active ones has been key, don't stay in the same spot and fish the same bunch of fish for too long.

Copeton Dam - It's that time of year when the water cools and the big fish are on the move, we have heard of some early reports of fish caught, not in the ultra-shallow water quite yet but fishing deeper water like Chatterbaits and Big Spinnerbaits. Good signs of fish caught trolling swimbaits chin weighted in the deeper water, the next few weeks well see more and more activity in the shallow water. Large Swimbaits and big top waters aren't far away.

Gold Coast Broadwater and Offshore - Last weekend we seen some amazing weather offshore which allowed for a lot of anglers getting out, the Spanish Mackerel have been in good numbers as well as Long Tail and Mac Tuna casting metal slugs or 4-6inch plastics have worked best. These fish have quite flighty and moving very quick. The inshore fishing has been well and Truely back after the recent flood and dirty water. The Broadwater reefs around sovereign island and the seaway have fish very week, A good mixture of species include, Bream, Flathead, Tarwhine, Parrot and small Snapper.


The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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