Fishing Report - 29th April 2021

Fishing Report - 29th April 2021

Photo: Josh Laverty With a Wivenhoe Yellow Belly.

Lure Of The Week - JZerek 5.5inch Live Mullet

One of the most popular Barra baits the last few seasons is the Zerek live mullet is finally back in stock after the last few months of being unavailable.

Built from the super strong TPE thermoplastic, the live mullet uses the same concept as the widely acclaimed live shrimp to emilate natural prey movements to trigger strikes.

To achieve this goal, the designers used a segmented body that is held together with a Kevlar webbing, giving strength and unparalleled freedom of movement. The main body section hides an ingeniously designed one-piece wire frame that connects the tow point to the hook hanger, giving even more strength. Easily workable with a straight retrieve, the life-like 3D eyes and detailed finishes (natural and attractor patterns) make the Zerek Live Mullet an essential addition to your tackle kit whether that's chasing barra, chasing Murray cod, chasing mulloway and everything in between. 
Find them here: Zerek 5.5inch Live Mullet

Fishing Our Region

Dam levels for this week. Please note while the levels are current at time of the report, levels will still be rising and falling depending on weather activity & these percentages will change on a daily basis:
Cressbrook - 31.5%
Leslie  - 28.65%
Coolmunda  -  100.33%
Glenlyon  - 53.75%
Copeton - 40.80%
Moogerah - 42.10%
Maroon - 98.10%
Somerset Dam - 77.40%
Wivenhoe Dam - 40.90%


Cooby Dam - Lake Cooby remains CLOSED for all boating and fishing activities due to Cylindrospermopsin levels exceeding the recreational water guidelines. Each week water is tested to ensure it meets safety standards for recreational activity (direct contact without water treatment). Cylindrospermopsin toxins have decreased to 0.5 g/L and this needs to be under 0.5. Enterococci levels have once again risen and are currently measuring 40 cfu/100ml (colony-forming units per millilitre) and must reduce to 35 cfu/100ml before we open the lake. Hopefully once the recent rain is settled we see this lake re open.

Cressbrook Dam - Very strong reports coming in from Cressbrook over the past few weeks and only getting better. There has been a great edge bite of a morning and some anglers have been luckily enough to keep the bite going for the majority of the day, The Jackall TN60 and 67,79 Squirrel have been the stand out baits. Fishing slow tapered banks with good weed is key. If you do find schooled fish targeting these with plastics like slider grubs has been the go to lure, rigged with a 1/2oz Smak Jighead this is the perfect bait imitation for this lake.

Leslie Dam - Again this week we have seen positive reports all over the lake, the clearer water around the dam wall has been the best location, The bait fisherman having the most success, Saltwater yabbies and prawns have been the go too. There is sign of cod on the move with a few good ones being caught last weekend, targeting the shallow water with Chatterbaits and Shallow diving swimbaits.

Somerset Dam -  A little slow and lacking good reports this past week, the recent water release has really slowed the fishing down, targeting the deeper water around pelican point and red rock where the fish are more comfortable has been the standout location. Soft plastics have been the consistent catcher, as the weather cools down these fish will hug the bottom and can be a little harder to tempt, ice jigs and Metal blades is your best option.

Wivenhoe - Amazing results again this week and is building up to be a fantastic winter bite on Wivenhoe, the fish are schooled up in huge numbers, the flats between Billys Bay Boat ramp and Platypus cliffs is the best place to start. Spoons like the Gang banger G2 has been dynamite on these fish. A lot of anglers have big sessions catching over 50 fish. The trolling anglers have also been apart of the action, trolling deep diving hardbodies along the edge of the creek bed worked best.

Copeton Dam - The pic of a Cod lakes at the moment with our Dams being quite dirty from the recent rain, we have seen some good topwater action of an early morning, these fish can act quite pelagic and chasing bait in the deeper water isn't out of the ordinary, targeting these fish can be quite tricky, Trolling a swimbait like the Jackall Gigantarel has accounted for some amazing fish with this technique, adding a chin weight can keep you in the strike zone, configuring your speed can entice that all important bite.

Lake Monduran - Last weekend was the full moon and we some some incredible fishing, with a lot of anglers getting fish but the bites never come easy, persistence and a lot of patience is needed for Barra fishing. During the day has been some good action with multiple fish getting caught in the middle of the day. Targeting the flats in large bays has seen some good fish of a night time when the fish have been a little more confident. During the heat of day tight timer and shallow points is key, targeting these fish with the ever faithful Zerek live mullet and Molix Shad was the go too lures for most Anglers. Suspending Hardbodies like the Jackall Squirrel is perfect for fishing tighter timber and shallower water scenarios.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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