Fishing Report - 22nd April 2021

Fishing Report - 22nd April 2021

Photo: Danny Stuart With a Cressbrook Yellow Belly, targeting the edges with Bassman Spinnerbait was his go too.

Lure Of The Week - Jackall Gantia 180

The Jackall Gantia has become one of the heavy hitters in the swimbait scene. Designed for larger predators and packed full of features the Gantia has become one of the go-to swimbaits for Barramundi and Murray Cod. The combination of a slimmer profile, 4 body sections linked by heavy duty joints and large range of movement between sections allows the Gantia to move like a natural bait fish.

Straight from the packet the Gantia will snake its way just below the surface however with the ability to run a chin weight on the lure you can target fish at any depth of water maintaining its original action. This coupled with the ability to run a multitude of different hooking options to reduce snagging or fouling up can allow the angler to fish this swimbait anywhere.

This lure will also mimic the action of an injured bait fish when twitched and paused. This action coupled with the straight retrieve can trigger following fish into striking the lure.

With the input from Jackall Australia the Gantia will be coming in a wide range of exclusive colours to suit the Australian market. This will allow anglers to “match the hatch” when the fishing is tough or choose a colour that stands out when you need a reaction bite.

If you are heading to one of the big Cod or Barra dams these are a must have in your tackle box. Find them here: Jackall Gantia 180

Fishing Our Region

Dam levels for this week. Please note while the levels are current at time of the report, levels will still be rising and falling depending on weather activity & these percentages will change on a daily basis:
Cressbrook - 31.5%
Leslie  - 28.76%
Coolmunda  -  100.62%
Glenlyon  - 53.75%
Copeton - 40.80%
Moogerah - 42.30%
Maroon - 98.20%
Somerset Dam - 79.00%
Wivenhoe Dam - 40.70%


Cooby Dam - Lake Cooby remains CLOSED for all boating and fishing activities due to Cylindrospermopsin levels exceeding the recreational water guidelines. Each week water is tested to ensure it meets safety standards for recreational activity (direct contact without water treatment). Cylindrospermopsin toxins have decreased to 0.5 g/L and this needs to be under 0.5. Enterococci levels have once again risen and are currently measuring 40 cfu/100ml (colony-forming units per millilitre) and must reduce to 35 cfu/100ml before we open the lake. Hopefully once the recent rain is settled we see this lake re open.

Cressbrook Dam - A very different Cressbrook the last few weeks, back to the good old days of edge fishing, we have had good reports of our local lake fishing exceptionally well, Targeting the shallow fish with Spinnerbaits, TN60's and suspending hardbodies around the weed edges. This bite has lasted all day with the cooler temps. While these fish are shallow throwing a top water can be an exciting way of catching some great fish as well. The schooled fish have also been on the bite, spoons and plastics have been the go to baits for the deeper fish. Both the cressbrook creek arm and the Bull creek arm are holding good numbers of fish.

Somerset Dam - A little harder this past week during the large water release, it can play a huge part in what these fish are doing and where they are moving too. Still Good numbers of fish on pelican point and out from red rock just getting them to bite has been the hardest part, while the fish are shut down keeping your lure tight to the bottom is a must, Trolling a deep diving hardbody to cover ground has accounted for the majority of fish.

Wivenhoe Dam - With somerset the last few weeks doing a water release it has started the winter bite that little bit early. Some great fishing to be had at Wivenhoe at the moment, searching the flats out from billies bay has been the most successful. The fish are very wide spread throughout the flats and are willing to eat. Mid Morning and the afternoon bite being the best. Spoons Plastics and Spectre Vibration jigs getting a lot of attention, Trolling is also making a mark with a lot of fish caught, Deep hardbodies like the Smak Golden Child and Blitz Baga is an ideal bait for this situation

Leslie Dam - Good reports coming from leslie after the recent rain, The bait fisherman having all the success with the dirty water. Saltwater Yabbies and Live worms being the bait of choice, there also has been plenty of carp on the move unfortunately. Please remember to remove these fish from the water and do no release. Week by week the water is clearing up, it'll be a matter of time before the cod are on the move in the shallow water. Targeting the deeper water off the old creek bed has been the best location.

Copeton Dam  - The Winter bite is well and truely underway! Reports are starting and the fish are on the move after the recent water level increase. the lake recently tripled its capacity this is only going to make the fishing even better this year, as this gives the fish new water and banks to go up onto and chase bait. There has been good fish caught already on the surface, baits like the Barambah Bidjiwong and Mud Eye Snake is perfect for this situation. The swimbait bite is in full swing quite early this year as the temperature cools off. Shallow points and bays is what you need to look for. During the day location bait schools will give you the best chance of finding where these big are holding on the lake.

Gold Coast - With the Gold Coast receiving most of the rain it can realy turn a switch on for the fish. Bream and Flathead thrive on fresh water especially just as it clears up. The seaway and shallow reefs out from sovereign island are holding good numbers of fish, either fresh bait or small plastics like the Gulp Crabby or Gulp shrimp dragged over these reefs has been accountable for a lot of fish.


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Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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