Fishing Report 13th May 2022

Fishing Report 13th May 2022

Photo: All of our "Catches of The Week" so far in 2022

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Product Of The Week - Berkley Shimm Pro-Rig

The Berkley Shimma Pro-Rig is built for big fish that pull hard. Fitted with a removable weighted hook and a single Owner STX Taff Wire Treble and a Hyperwire split ring, this bait is an out-of-the-packet solution for prized fish like mulloway, barramundi and Murray cod. With a thick body profile and a tapered off paddle tail, the Shimma Pro-Rig has a strong body roll and a wide tail action, perfect for slow rolling across weed beds, rock bars, and drop offs for those ambush predators. Built from durable Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE), the body is super tough and withstands plenty of punishment from predators with serious jaw strength, and raspy or toothy mouths! The Shimma Pro-Rig is available in ten colours and three sizes to suit a wide range of species in both fresh and saltwater environments. Every angler hunting serious fish needs a Shimma Pro-Rig in the tackle box.


Fishing Our Region

Cooby - Unfortunately with the terrible rain and high winds it has made it hard putting the boat in, with the water being at an all time high the bank fisherman have proved you don't need a boat to catch fish at this lake and most anglers getting right amongst the fish. Saltwater Yabbies and worms being the go too baits with prawns also catching their fare share.

Cressbrook - Plenty of smaller fish around again this week and not far from the ramp, these fish are very accessible off the bank. Metal blades fished towards these schooling fish has been popular, while casting reaction style baits close to the banks has also been effective. Jackals Tn60's and spinnerbaits being the best option. With these cold overcast days the edge fishing can be fished all day long. Suspending Hardbodies are another great option for this technique as there is a massive Gar population.

Moogerah - Some great results over the last few weeks as the water begins to clear just in time for winter, this lake is renowned for its crazy winter bite and we will see it back to its former glory with the dam being at its full capacity. Good schools of fish have been found amongst the timbered areas of the lake ad towards the heavily structure 6knot zone at the back of the lake. targeting these fish with either Lipless crankbaits and Spinnerbaits has been successful.

Leslie Dam - It all remains the same at Leslie this week with still massive numbers of fish being caught. This lake just gets better by the week. Jigging ZX blades vertically amongst the shallow edges has been dynamite and it still remains the consistent catches. For the bait anglers the results have been just as good, Saltwater Yabbies and Live worms being hard to go past.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
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