Fishing Report 6th May 2022

Fishing Report 6th May 2022

Photo: Hunter Janke with a solid Cod from last weekend

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Drawing on their class leading Mega+ Side and Down Imaging Humminbird continue to innovate and have once again provided the angler with exactly what they need to catch more fish with Mega 360. The holy grail for any angler is to know exactly what is all around their boat from rocks, snags, weed lines and of course fish, and that is exactly what Mega 360 does

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    Fishing Our Region

    Cooby - Better weather this week on Cooby allowed anglers to get out enjoy the dam. Good reports have been coming in, the bank fishing has been expectional with the bait anglers, live worms and saltwater yabbies have had plenty of success, with very little weed around the dam edges it has made this style of fishing very successful. Other anglers have had very good sessions casting and trolling all types of lures, from lipless crank baits like the Jackall TN range and shallower hardbodies such as the Cooby Cobba Mighty Mite. Also working the deeper rock walls with ZX Blades and soft vibes have also been accountable for good sized Yellow Belly.

    Cressbrook - Plenty of smaller fish on the bite this week, good schools of Bass have been located not far from the ramp. Working the large bay to the right of the ramp has seen plenty of success, metal blades like the Smak Fire Blade and Ever Green little max’s has been effective. As this cooler weather moves in we’ll see a great edge bite amongst the shallow water, suspending Jerkbaits have already accounted for the better quality fish but this bite will only increase in the coming weeks.

    Leslie - Another fantastic week on Leslie, ridiculous amounts of fish have been caught on a variety of different baits and lures, working the shallow water around 15ft is still producing the best numbers. ZX Blades have been accountable for some very good trips for most anglers. A few smaller cod have been picked up on the edge of the creek bed, trolling a deep diving hardbodies has worked well. The Smak hardbody range can be perfect for this technique.
    For the bait anglers saltwater yabbies and worms being popular.

    Moogerah - Finally a few solid reports coming in, the water is clearing up just in time for that winter bite that this lake is well known for. Targeting the shallower flats amongst the timber with Jackall’s and other reaction style baits has been effective. Some good yellow belly have also been caught fishing these same areas, vertically jigging blades has been the go too.

    Monduran - With a huge shift in weather it has made it a little tough, the trolling anglers have still caught the majorly of the fish while other anglers have struggled to even get a bite some days. The afternoon bite as the water temp reaches its peak will be your best chance. These fish are holding tight to the banks and heavily weeded areas. Weedless plastics fished tight to the cover is key.

    Upper Brisbane River - If your into your kayaking now is your time!
    With the recent flooding we seen both Somerset and Wivenhoe release large amounts of water, this releases a large population of fish back into the river and also sends the wild fish into a feeding frenzy. Fishing Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits amongst the structure has resulted in big numbers of both yellow belly and bass.

    Dumaresq River - It’s a great time to be fishing the rivers for the almighty cod as they are on the moved from the recent rain. Plenty of Accessible reserves all through this river from Texas to Bonshaw. With some slight colour still in the water the topwater bite has seen a lot of attention from anglers, the Jackall Pompadour and other noisy baits have produced some great fish during the low light periods. Spinnerbaits and shallow running Swimbaits have been effective as the day progresses.

    The Weather

    Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
    Weather Report 6th May 2025

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