Fishing Report - 14th July 2023

Fishing Report - 14th July 2023

Photo: Malcolm Lau with a nice local river cod 

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Fishing Our Region

CoobyConsidering the weather this past week the fishing has been quite good with a lot of anglers getting fish, the fish quality has been up there with some measuring close to the 50cm mark, Jew fish have been in massive numbers and easy to catch, Blades and soft vibes have again been the lure of choice for most. out in front of the ramp and along the sail club bank has been popular, the 20ft mark seems to be where the majority of the fish are sitting, good fish have also been caught in the northern arm. For the bait anglers Saltwater Yabbies, Prawns and Live worms being the best option. 

Cressbrook - This lake has really turned it on with plenty of Yellow Belly being caught, targeting the fish on large points in the main basin and Cressbrook Creek arm is your best bet, alot of anglers having good success either Jigging or casting metal blades to these fish, keeping your lure tight to the bottom is key for this time of year.

Leslie - Plenty of fish around amongst the deeper water around the creek bed edges, working the structure in these areas are your best bet. Again the fish are reacting well to blades, the old faithful Zx blade is hard to go past, soft vibes have been working well when the fish are shutting down.

Somerset - Great to see our big bass lake still fishing well during the cold, plenty of fish still located around Pelican Point the northern and the southern ends fishing best. Spoons just keep[ producing the best numbers, while these fish can be a little lethargic at this time of year moving around finding those active ones can be the difference. The majority of the fish are sitting tight to the bottom below the thermocline. The northern end of the lake around the Kirkleigh flats is gaining a little more interest with fish starting to school up, once the weather heats up these fish will be on no doubt bring on spring!

Moogerah - Starting to show some good signs of fish schooling up inside of the timber, plastics and spoons have been the best option by far, as well as ice jigs and metal blades worked close to the bottom. The Spit is holding fish just getting these to bite at times has been the difficult part as these fish are more pressured, some fish have been caught off the deeper edges, working lipless crankbaits to these fish has been effective.

Gelnlyon - Some Solid reports this week, the colder mornings have really fired up the fish, finding bait amongst the shallow water is key as the big fish wont be far away. The ever popular Jackall Swimbaits have reaped the rewards as well as Topwaters like the Ballista Tremor. As for the anglers chasing a few yellow belly, similar results, plenty of them schooled up close into the structure, jigging blades or vertically working Gulp minnow grubs being the best.

Moreton Bay - Its that time of year when the Bay fishes its best and the snapper are in good numbers, low light periods are your best bet, targeting shallow reefs around peel and Macleay Island have been popular.  Tailor have started their yearly run and starting to show in the southern end of the bay and outside the port of Brisbane, these fish can show up at anywhere at anytime. 

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