Fishing Report 14th October 2021

Fishing Report 14th October 2021

Photo: Jason Earlich and Ian Ryan with a double hook up. Some solid Lake Awoonga Barra!

Lure Of The Week  - Lucky Craft Pointer

The Lucky Craft Pointer has been designed with a very low centre of gravity through the use of special brass weights. The low centre of balance causes the lure to wobble and vibrate whenever the retrieving motion is stopped. Absolutely deadly with any type of stop-and-go retrieve, a short twitch will generate a 'walk the dog' action under the water. 78 and 100 Deep and Shallow Models have all been heavily restocked just in time for barra season. Find them here: Lucky Craft Pointer

Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam  - Over the last few weeks Cooby has well and truly turned it on for our local anglers. With some great weather over the weekend we seen a lot of fish caught, Both Cod and Yellow Belly were in good numbers through out the lake. During the week we seen some much needed rain, this will make the fishing even better as the water runs into the dam. The fish will move up onto the edges and feed where the water runs in, the rock wall is great area to target. The trolling anglers have some great success while other anglers have had good success casting or jigging soft vibes on the edge of the creek bed towards the northern arm. Saltwater yabbies and works has also been working wonders for the bait anglers.

Leslie Dam - Another big inflow into the lake during the week will only mean one thing, the cod will be on the move. Big swimbaits will be your best chance for targeting the larger fish, locating the bait is your best chance for finding those active fish. Some great Yellow Belly have been caught over the past few weeks and this still continues. trolling has been the more successful method in the shallower water while targeting the deepe water like the edge of the creek bed with soft vibes has also been effective.

Moogerah Dam - By far the most consistent over the last few weeks with some crazy numbers of fish being caught. The spit is holding good fish and are willing to bite through out the day while the shallower timbered flats have also been worth check of a morning. Plenty of bass up towards the 50cm mark, plastics and spoons being the lure of choice for most. The yellow belly fisherman having some great success vertically Jigging blades amongst the timber. 

Somerset Dam - A great time of year to be targeting the large schools in Somerset Dam, the bass are in great numbers, The middle section of the lake holds the majority of fish. Pelican Point and red rock has been the go to areas. With the warmer days the fish have been reacting better to vibration lures such as Spinnerbaits and Hot bite spectres, keeping these baits tight to the bottom is key for this time of year.

Lake Awoonga - The Barra fishing has exploded and there's no better time than now to head up north. Consistent winds can be crucial while locating these normally hard to catch fish. Following the winds and searching for bait is key.
Lake Awoonga has seen some massive fish caught over 130cm and plenty over the magic meter mark. Targeting the main lake Points with a good amount of weed is your best bet. The Molix 140 shad and zerek live mullet stands above the rest and continues to dominate on this lake. Targeting the shallower weed with jerkbaits like the 79 and 115 Jackall Squirrel can be effective during the daylight hours.

Lake Monduran - We are seeing some amazing fishing on this lake at present with crazy amounts of fish landed. The bite has been exceptional throughout the day amongst the shallow bays, The ever faithful Squidgie Slick Rig has proved a must have bait. The majority of fish ha ve been caught close to the banks where the water remains the warmest. As we get further into summer well see these fish starting to school in the basin on larger points. The Molix 140 is perfect for that deep water bite. Bird bay and the B arm proves to be the pick of the areas.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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