Fishing Report 21st October 2021

Fishing Report 21st October 2021

Photo: Adam Krautz with a solid Lake Awoonga Barra 

Lure Of The Week  - Barambah Boney Shad

This small life like swimbait has hit the Barra Market hard and producing some great fish at Both Lake Awoonga and Monduran. The usability of this bait in different situations is second to none. With its great weight changing system in can be deadly in both super shallow and the deeper water.

A great colour range for all situations, be sure to check them out. Find them here: Barambah Boney Shad

Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam
- Unfortunately during the week Cooby has been CLOSED due Blue Green Algae once again.

Leslie Dam - Some great reports still coming in from Leslie, as most anglers are racking up a great tally of fish. The shallow water still being the go to areas as the fish are still on the edge after the recent rain. TN60’s and shallower diving hardbodies is great for this occasion. The Smak 12’s and 16’s have the ideal running depth. Also good fish have been caught on the old creek bed edge, targeting structure in this area with soft vibes or metal blades will be best option.

Somerset Dam - We have had a good turn around on the lake this week with some solid fish caught. The majority of the fish are holding mid way down the lake. Red Rock and Pelican Point have been by far the best. Deeper water around these areas have fish better, the old creek bed around these areas are holding numbers of fish. Targeting these deeper fish with spoons and plastics have been the go to, otherwise trolling Hardbodies like the RMG Poltergeist or Little rippers have also been effective.

Boondooma Dam - Another great week of fishing over at Boondooma with a lot of anglers getting amongst the fish. The fish are spread out all through out the lake. The edges have fished consistently over the last few weeks and remains to fish well as this hotter weather settles in. Casting TN60’s, spinnerbaits and chatterbaits to these fish has worked wonders while the deeper schooled fish have reacted well to metal blades and soft Jackall’s. The Boyne arm and Pelican point is holding some great fish, working the shallower flats in these area is your best bet.

Moogerah Dam - By far the most consistent local lake. Big numbers of both yellow belly and bass have been caught. The start of the timber is holding the better quality of fish. Working these fish with plastics like the ever faithful slider grub has accounted for the majority of bites. Trolling the timber can be very effective at this lake and a great searching tool to find those active schools. TN60’s have Worked the best for this technique.

Lake Monduran - Unfortunately with the ever changing weather last week the lake fished a little hard and the Barra were hard to keep on top of. Wind means everything at this lake. Find the bait and the warmer water temp and the Barra won’t be far away. Southern end of B arm and Bird bay has fished well over the past few weeks as the northerly winds were pushing in these areas. The Molix 140 and Squidgie Slick rig 130 have both accounted for some serious sessions.
With the water temp getting up there these fish have started to push into the basin. Trolling the larger lake points and tree lines has been effective this past week and will only get better as this weather heats up.

Lake Awoonga - Some unbelievable sessions have been encounter this week but also some very slow sessions and barely turning a scale. Right place at the right time can be critical on this lake. Shallower weeded points in the main basin have produced the better fish. Casting these points with the ever faithful Molix 140 or Zerek live mullet has again produced some incredible fish. The afternoon and night bite has been the most successful, in saying that some crazy sessions have also been had during the day. New Zealand Gully and The northern basin points are all holding fish. It’s all a matter of time. Patience is key for these fish.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
Toowoomba Region Weather

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