Fishing Report 28th October 2021

Fishing Report 28th October 2021

Photo: Jacob Flemming with a giant at Leslie Dam, caught on a New England Chatterbait

Lure Of The Week  - Jackall Transam 95 (20g)


The Best Soft Vibe on the market some will say!

The Jackall Transam 95 has quickly become one of the most successful soft vibes to hit the shores of Australia. This lure has accounted for an incredible number of trophy Barramundi, jew, threadfin salmon, bass, yellow belly, cod, snapper, flat head and the list goes on.

The Transam 95 differs from that of other vibes by utilizing the tungsten weight system to help with the action of the lure. Its ability to vibrate at slower speeds and slalom on the drop has proven a winner amongst anglers. This lure is effective across a wide range of retrieves from vertically vibing through schools of fish or casting over flats and hopping back to the boat, its versatility is its biggest asset.

Available in a huge array of fish catching colours this lure is equally at home in both fresh and salt water. The Jackall Transam 95 is a must for any lure angler.. Find them here: Jackall Transam 95 (20g)

Fishing Our Region


Cooby Dam - Closed to all water activities

Cressbrook Dam - Unfortunately the reports are few and far between from Cressbrook this week. Working the deeper rock walls has been effective on some solid yellow belly. Casting or Jigging blades is your best chance. Trolling these same areas can be effective and a great way of covering water and finding those active fish. The Smak hardbody range has accounted for both Yellow Belly and good sized bass.

Leslie Dam - Leslie has again fished quite well through out the week, the hot weather has done wonders for the fish and making them very active. The late afternoon has been the pick of the bite times.
Plenty of Yellow belly were caught trolling Lipless crank baits and shallower diving hardbodies. ZX Blxes have accounted for their fair share as well, vertical fishing with these along the edge of the creek bed has been effective. Quite a few Under sized cod have also been on the move with some larger models mixed in. Targeting these fish amongst the deeper water With Chatterbaits and Spinnerbaits is your best bet.

Somerset Dam - The fishing has been very steady over the past few weeks. The early morning bite has by far far been the most consistent. Later on in the day the fishing has been extremely tough. During these times when the fish are shut down the trolling anglers are having the better success. Working the deeper water off pelican point and red rock has resulted in good fish caught. For the casting anglers the reaction style baits have had the better results. Hot Bite Spectres and other heavily weighted chatterbaits being the lures of choice.

Moogerah Dam - We’ll and truly the pic of our local lakes at the present time. The edge of the timber has held consistent fish for quite a while and they are willing to eat. Casting plastics and spoons to thee fish has been successful. For other anglers working the tree lines with TN60 and ZX Blades have worked well on the Yellow Belly.

Boondooma Dam - This lake has been nothing but on fire for some time now and it still continues to impress. The fish are spread out through out the lake.
Both the edges and the larger flats are holding good numbers of fish.
Casting Lipless crank baits and spinnerbaits have been the go too for the shallower fish while metal blades and and soft Jackall’s have been the go to lures in the deeper water.

Lake Monduran - Very impressive weekend of fishing at Monduran, Barra fishing is never easy but if your willing to put the time into these fish you will be rewarded. Northerly winds blew all last week with that being said the southern end of the lake or the north facing bays and points fished the best.
The early afternoon has fished well with a lot fish getting caught when the temp reaches its hottest. The Molix 140, Zerek Live Mullet and the ever popular Squidgie slick rig have been unstoppable on this lake. The Live mullet and slick rig during the day working those shallow points has proved yet again while working those deeper points out in the main Basin with The molix 140 has again been dominant.

Lake Awoonga - Coming off the last full Moon we seen this lake very busy with a lot of boat traffic. This can make things a little tricky to even find the fish at times. That being said The Night bite is always worth the wait Working the heavily weeded points amongst the Basin produced the better fish. During the day these fish will use the weed as there advantage, this can make locating these fish very difficult. Working jerkbaits over the weed beds during the day light hours has proved successful while of a night time fishing as close as possible to the weed with heavily weighted plastics is your best option.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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