Fishing Report 4th November 2021

Fishing Report 4th November 2021

Photo: Our main man Kris George with a crakin 110cm Barra caught at Lake Awoonga

Lure Of The Week  - Squidgie Slickrig 100

The Ever Faithful slick rig 130’s little brother the 100mm sized bait can be ideal when the fishing is tough. Through out the day when the fish may not want a larger sized bait, this is the perfect way to trick these smarter fish. Available in a range of colours to any situation or water colour. Rigged on TT Slick Rig Jighead this bait is a must in any serious Barra fishos arsenal. Find them here: Squidgie Slickrig 100

Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Unfortunately Cooby is still closed to all water based activities with on going Blue green Algae problems. 

Leslie Dam - The fishing on our local lake stays the same with some reasonable reports coming in. It’s that time of year when the Yellow Belly spawn and are in great numbers in the deeper water. Jigging metal blades like the Ecogear ZX40 and Smak fire blades have been the stand out lures for the Lure anglers. Targeting the edges of the creek bed has been the outstanding method.  Trolling these same areas with reaction style lures such as the Jackall TN60 and spinnerbaits has picked up some smaller Cod. Keeping your life tight to the bottom is a must. 

Cressbrook Dam - A little busier out on the lake this week with anglers trying to work out these tricky suspended fish. Working the deeper predominant points out in the main basin and the Bullcock creek arm. Spoons and Hot Bite Spectre vibration jigs have had the better results. Trolling deep diving hardbodies or heavy spinnerbaits like the Bassman Compact series can be very effective as well on these shutdown fish. 

Moogerah Dam - By Far the most consistent lake over the past few weeks and it’s good to see that’s it’s continued through out the week. The majority of the fish have been caught at the start of the timber on the edge of the creek bed. Both Spoons and plastics weighted correctly have accounted for the better fish. Making sure you are keeping in contact with the bottom is important. 

Somerset Dam - Not the greatest of weeks out on the lake with the big weather change. This has moved the fish and pushed them even harder onto the bottom. Burning plastics along the bottom has been effective while hoping Spectres has also had its moments.The Spit and Pelican Point is holding the majority of the fish. 

Lake Monduran - Lake Monduran is at its absolute best with some amazing fish on offer. The Basin is holding a great number of fish amongst the deeper water out in front of the Dam wall. These fish can be caught two ways. Trolling a variety of hardbodies like the Jackall Squirrel and Barra Classic’s or cast and retrieve heavily weighted plastics like the Squidgie Slick, Zerek Live Mullet and the very popular Molix 140 Shad. Shallower points in the upper arms of the lake are still holding some great numbers of fish as well. The Berkeley Hollow belly and Shad’s hollow Shad has worked wonders rigged on a lighter Jighead. 

Lake Awoonga - Another very successful week out on the lake. 
The day time has been tough due to the clear water but the late afternoon and night bite has well and truly been at its best. Concentrating on the large weeded points from 10-20 foot of water has worked best. Wind is your friend on any Barra impoundment and Awoonga is no different as this pushes these fish to these points in big numbers. The ever faithful Squidgie Slickrig and Molix 140 has been the standout bait. 

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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