Fishing Report 11th November 2021

Fishing Report 11th November 2021

Photo: Matt Taylor with a solid Cressbrook Bass

Lure Of The Week  - Molix RT Shad 7 inch 


These new bait from Molix just screams Barramundi with its huge body roll and it’s massive paddle tail it has everything to get every Barra fisherman excited. Already proving to be successful on both Lake Awoonga and Monduran. This bait can be rigged on a variety of Ways, both a weedless hook and Barambah Barra Jighead has been popular. Find them here: Molix RT Shad 7 inch 

Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Unfortunately Cooby is still closed to all water based activities with on going Blue green Algae problems. 

Cressbrook Dam - Some promising reports from Cressbrook over the last few days. Local anglers finding good numbers of fish in the Bull Creek arm, the most consistent lure was the Hot Bite Spectre Vibration Jig. Targeting deep schools off the larger points was the better option. A number of Yellow Belly have shown up on the deeper rock walls and banks, the ever faithful Zx Blades hopped back to the boat has had them fooled on numerous occasions.

Leslie Dam - Another great inflow of water this week, with the lake on the rise yet again this has fired the yellow belly up and got them on the move even more. Still targeting the deeper water like the edges of creek beds or the deeper banks has had the better results. Either jigging blades or soft vibes has been consistent while trolling TN60’s and deep hardbodies was also effective.

Somerset Dam - Somerset is never easy at this time of year with a lot of boat activity out on the lake especially of a weekend, the early morning and the afternoon bite will give you the better chances. With these fish being a little shut down working reaction style baits such as spinnerbaits and chatterbaits has proven successful. Trolling can be very rewarding at this time year as this is a great way of covering ground and finding those more active fish. The Smak hardbody range and Little ripper lures is the ideal bait for this situation.

Boondooma Dam - Yet again this lake stands above the rest with consistent catches. Both Yellow Belly and bass have been in great number amongst the deeper water out from the Dam wall. These fish are suspended in deep water.
When targeting these suspended fish it’s critical keeping your lure in the strike zone. Heavily weighted plastics like the slider grub or the new Storm Tock Minnow weighted with a 5/8 or 3/4 oz Jig head is perfect for this style of fishing.
There’s also a small window on low light periods where these fish are catchable on the banks, Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits have had results.

Lake Monduran - Another crazy week out on the lake, with consistent Northely winds over the past month. this Realy helps the fish hold and get confident in the area. Finding those not so pressured fish can be the hard part. Still good numbers of fish amongst the deeper water out from the main boat ramp. These fish have reacted well to a variety of baits. Jigging soft vibes like Jackall transam can be super effective while casting Molix shad, Zerek live Mullet and Squidgie Slick Rig has again been the stand out. Both the North and south arm of B has held some great fish and this continues over the last week. Working the backs of bays and shallower flats in these areas where the warmer water holds is your best bet.

Lake Awoonga - Wind is your friend on this lake and following this will give you your best shot at getting in on the action. Targeting main lake points will be your best option during the afternoon and into the night. Working the contour of the weed on wind blown points is the standout, keeping above the weed is key. The Zerek Live mullet and the Squidgie slick rig proves to be dominant yet again on this lake.


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