Fishing Report 18th November 2021

Fishing Report 18th November 2021

Photo: Hayden Woods with a meter Barra from Lake Monduran 

Lure Of The Week  - Imakatsu Crank IK-800RS 



It is now easy to dive to 8m range withe IK800R2!!
Developed for the targeting fish feeding on deep bait in rivers and lakes. The lures profile perfectly imitates baitfish present in Australia's freshwater impoundments. Capable of reaching depths of 5.5m easy on the cast puts this lure in a class of its own. Excellent aerodynamics make casts easy even with the large bib. IK800R2 Deep Impact is the ultimate deep crank and will transform the way fish you deep water. Bass, Cod, Barra and Yellowbelly feeding in the deep water can now be targeted with a crankbait!!!Find them here: Imakatsu Crank IK-800RS

Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Unfortunately Cooby is still closed to all water based activities with on going Blue green Algae problems. 

Cressbrook Dam - Unfortunately Cressbrook missed a lot of the rain and the water levels stay's at similar levels. Better results again this week with some consistent catches. Local anglers getting in on the action with some double Hook ups during sessions. The Bull Creek arm has produced some very solid fish up to 50cm. Targeting the larger points in this area has seen good results. The Hot Bite spectre is proving dynamite on these deep fish. As the weather heats up these lures come into their own. The perfect Red Claw imitation for this lake and the fish can not refuse.

Leslie Dam - Leslie didn't miss the rain last week with some solid inflow yet again. With this being said the water hasn't dirtied up too much and the fishing has been good. targeting the deeper fish again has been the better option. Lures like the Ecogear ZX40, Jackall Mask vibe and Zerek Fish traps Jigged vertically on the edge of the creek bed has worked wonders. The trolling anglers are putting numbers on the board with some good fish caught, Both cod and yellow belly have reacted well to TN60's and TN70's worked slowly close to the bottom.

Bjelkie Peterson Dam - Its been a long time since we have spoken about this lake. Recent rain has worked its way into the lake finally. The lake may be dirty for a small period of time but it'll be back to its former glory in no time. Working the edges will be your best option as the fish will move up into the flooded banks and actively feed. Reaction style baits will give you the best chance, Chatterbaits, Spinnerbaits and TN60 are the go too baits for this technique.

Boondooma Dam - One of the most consistent lakes all year and it still continues. Good amounts of fish are schooled up not far from the main ramp. Out from the dam wall is deep suspended fish willing to eat a lure, targeting these fish with heavy lure like spoons and plastics has seen good results, also trolling Spinnbaits like the Bassman Carl compact range has got the better quality of fish. Further up the lake into the boyne arm has seen good shows of yellow belly sitting tight to the timber, ZX Blades and soft vibes have been very successful.

Lake Monduran - Its been all about the Barra over the past few months and with good reason this lake is producing some crazy numbers of fish, some anglers getting up towards 20 fish for a weekend. In saying that no fish come easy and putting the hard yards in and locating the fish is a must. The deep fish amongst the main basin has been popular for the anglers. A heavily weighted bait like the Molix 140 or a Squidjie slick Rig 130 has been the pick of the lures, keeping your lure in the strike zone as long as popular is key, also jigging soft vibes like the Jackall Transam and Zerek fish trap has had its moments as well.

Lake Awoonga - Another great week on Awoonga with some special fish caught, consistent numbers of meter plus fish are being caught all over the lake, following the wind will give you the best chance. On the lead up to your trip checking the weather is the best free information you can get. Targeting wind blown points with good weed coverage is key. Working lures like the Ever faithful Squidgie Slick rig, Molix 140 and Zerek Live mullet are again the go to baits. The late afternoon and night bite has been the stand out yet again. With the crystal clear water these fish sit tight amongst the weed until the low light periods. The best chance on a day time barra is working the deeper trees in the creek arms with Suspending Hardbodies such as the Jackall squirrel both 79 and 119 and the Lucky Craft pointer 78 and 100.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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