Fishing Report 25th November 2021

Fishing Report 25th November 2021

Photo: Raylene Jones with a Top Water Giant from Leslie  

Lure Of The Week  - Thready Buster Soft Swimbait

 Thready Buster Soft Swimbait

The Thready Buster Swimbait is a new plastic and is proving dominant on our Barra Impoundments. Weighing in at 45grams making this bait is very versatile in either shallow or deep situations. Made up a super durable soft plastic means this bait will last a whole lot longer than other. It’s huge Body roll and colour selections just screams Barramundi! Find them here: Thready Buster Soft Swimbait


Fishing Our Region

Dam Levels 
Leslie - 71.49%
Copeton - 100.5%
Glenlyon - 103.03%
Coolmunda - 103.26%
Somerset - 61.9%
Wivenhoe - 40%
Bjelke-Peterson - 26.62%
Boondooma - 35.63%

Cooby Dam - Unfortunately Cooby is still closed to all water based activities with on going Blue green Algae problems. 

Cressbrook Dam - Another Very successful week on our local lake with plenty of Bother Bass and Yellow Belly caught through out the lake. Good numbers of fish are spread around the main basin and also the Bull Creek arm. It’s hard to go past the Hot Bite Spectre Vibration Jig, this bait is becoming a go to lure for this lake and with good reason. A very versatile lure, can be fished off the edge or fished deep imitating red claw.

Leslie Dam - It’s great to see another big influx of rain into the lake, this is bringing the fish up shallow into the flooded grass. Murray Cod have been in great numbers, Top Water has been the name of the game this past week. The Barambah Bidjiewong 285 accounted for multiple fish and one over the magic meter. The early morning has been the pic of the bite times for these fish, being on the water before daylight is key. For the yellow belly fisherman we have seen good numbers caught during the day, targeting the edges amongst the clearer water has had the most success. TN60’s and ZX blades being the go to lures. 

Boondooma Dam - Boondooma finally received a good inflow of water this past week and continues to run in. Fishing the edges has been the best option for the majority of anglers, working the dirty water lines with spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits have been the consistent catches. The deeper schooled fish out in the basin have again reacted well to spoons and plastics, these fish are also catch-able, trolling deep diving hardbodies getting the reaction bite.

Lake Monduran - Some very good fishing to be had at Monduran at the moment, you definitely don’t have to go far to get amongst the fish. Good numbers of fish are schooled out from the main ramp and towards the bouy line. These fish are suspended just above the Thermocline in about 5 meters of water. Locating the fish on your sounder is a must and being a head of the fish is key to a great session, still massive amounts of fish up the top end of the lake as well, The B arm being very successful with a lot of anglers, working the shallower points during the day with plastics like the Molix 140 and Thready Buster Swimbait.

Lake Awoonga - A very wet and wild week on the lake but that hasn’t stopped the fish from being on the bite, starting to see a lot of surface action and plenty of people getting results Top water baits, the zoom horny toad has been the main lure of choice, this bait can be twitched or fished fast over the weed. As this lake rises the water rises over the weed we’ll see this technique get more and more popular. The Night time bite still being the most successful, The Molix 140, Zerek Live Mullet or the ever faithful Slick Rig 130 have all had there moments. Working wind blown points will be your best option.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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