Fishing Report 17th Feb 2023

Fishing Report 17th Feb 2023

Photo: Danny Stuart with a Nice Cooby Yella.

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Product Of The Week - Top Attack Junior

The Top Attack Junior is a floating 3 piece swimbait, designed to be used in every part of the water column from surface strikes to over 70m depth. This lure is made from ABS+ resin1 for extreme strength. In testing this lure has accounted for some beasts in rivers and impoundments. 160mm in length, approximately 105gr in weight, swivelling hook hangers and tow point, detailed body with grooved scales (not just a paint job), includes BKK Raptor Z hooks and BKK split rings (no need for any upgrades), and chin weight loop. Available in nine highly detailed colours for choice which would cover all the main bait fish found in local waterways plus colours that fishermen love.

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Cooby has fished quite consistently of late and it continues again this week, with the warmer weather really heating up the water the fish have moved quite deep, the bait fisherman have been taking advantage and getting some really good numbers, Saltwater Yabbies, Worms and Live shrimp working well. For other anglers, Zx Blades and soft vibes Jigged Vertically have resulted in some of the better quality fish. The deeper water in the Northern arm has produced some great numbers. Trolling Deep diving hardbodies and Jackall TN60's has been working well, keeping these baits tight to the bottom is key at the moment. The future's looking good for Cooby as this lake has received another 50,000 Yellow Belly this past week. 

Cressbrook - The Yellow Belly are on the bite with the weather heating up, main lake points have been holding the majority of fish, jigging Blades has been popular and getting the better results, while trolling has also picked up, working the edges of the weed or rock walls has been effective. The Red Claw have still been in good numbers around the edges.

Leslie Dam
- Not much change this past week but fishing unbelievably well. If you're struggling at other lakes Leslie is definitely the best choice at the present time. The Fish are well spread out throughout the lake, locating structure like rock piles or submerged trees has been key, the majority of the fish have been sitting hard on the bottom in these areas, jiggin the ever faithful ZX Blade has been the standout yet again while Saltwater Yabbies proving very successful as well

Glenlyon - Glenyon is on track for a great winter Cod bite, Fish are starting to bite and the water is clearing up. The Yellow Belly have started to school up amongst the standing timber in around that 20ft mark. working blades and soft vibes have been getting the results. A few smaller cod have been showing up in the same areas and feeding well amongst the Yellas.

Dumaresq River - This river system has showed how good it can be the last few months, the topwater bite has been insane during the low light periods and the fish have reacted well to swimbaits as the water is running reasonably clear due to the previous floods. During the day it's hard to go past the ever faithful Bassman spinnerbaits if the bite is a little tougher, getting these baits tight to structure is key.

Lake Monduran - Showing good signs of the bigger fish starting to eat with the more consistent weather and warmer days and nights. Still targeting main lake points in Bird and B Bay has been popular with a lot of anglers, The Molix 140 or Zerek Live Mullet is hard to go past targeting the fish in the deeper water. Again similar to the last few weeks big numbers of smaller fish have been caught quite shallow working the weed or shallower bays, weedless plastics slow rolled over the top of the weed beds has been effective as well as suspending hardbodies like the Jackall Squirrel or Samaki Redic worked on the outer edge of the weed.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
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