Fishing Report 22nd April 2022

Fishing Report 22nd April 2022

Photo: Vinnie Van Zandergen with a 69cm Murray Cod from Leslie over the weekend.

Product Of The Week - Jackall Gantia


At 180mm and 52 Grms The Jackall Gantia has become one of the heavy hitters in the swimbait scene. Designed for larger predators and packed full of features the Gantia has become one of the go-to swimbaits for barramundi and murray cod. The combination of a slimmer profile, 4 body sections linked by heavy duty joints and large range of movement between sections allows the Gantia to move like a natural bait fish.

Straight from the packet the Gantia will snake its way just below the surface however with the ability to run a chin weight on the lure you can target fish at any depth of water maintaining its original action. This coupled with the ability to run a multitude of different hooking options to reduce snagging or fouling up can allow the angler to fish this swimbait anywhere.

This lure will also mimic the action of an injured bait fish when twitched and paused. This action coupled with the straight retrieve can trigger following fish into striking the lure.

With the input from Jackall Australia the Gantia will be coming in a wide range of exclusive colours to suit the Australian market. This will allow anglers to “match the hatch” when the fishing is tough or choose a colour that stands out when you need a reaction bite.

If you are heading to one of the big cod or barra dams these are a must have in your tackle box.

    Find them here on this weeks specials page!


    Fishing Our Region

    Cooby Dam - With only being open the last 2 weeks we have seen some very good fishing so far. Plenty of healthy fish have been caught. Lipless Crankbaits have been the standout. Jackall Tn60’s and the Profishent Vibe have accounted for some big numbers. Fishing these baits over the top of the recently flooded banks have had the most success. These fish have been caught either on the cast or trolling. The Bait fishing has also been effective, Saltwater Yabbies, live worms and Prawns being the better options.

    Cressbrook Dam. -
    The larger fish have been a little hard to come by this week as they start schooling in the main Basin, some anglers have been lucky and gotten them bigger fish amongst the plague of small ones. Soft plastics like the ever faithful slider grub and Storm Biscay Minnow. Little max blades are always a popular lure at this lake. The schooling fish are very accessible as their holding out from the Boat ramp. Also trolling the bouy line out from the Ramos has been effective, little rippers and smak DT20 getting the majority of the bites.

    Leslie Dam
    - With fishing pressure at an all time high over the Easter long weekend the fish didn’t seem to mind with a lot of Yellow Belly caught. This lake just keeps getting better each week. Good reports of smaller cod this week with a few over 60cm being caught. Most anglers getting huge numbers have been either Jigging ZX blades or Soft vibes like the 78mm Zerek Fish Trap. Still the 15-20ft mark has been key.

    Somerset Dam Since the recent floods there’s been very little activity on the lake with anglers waiting for water to clear. We’ll keep an eye on the lake as it progresses.

    Glenlyon Dam - It has taken some time but the water is clearing up and just in time for a massive Winter. Good Yellow belly were caught over the long weekend. 
    Fishing tight to the standing timber around the caves was successful. ZX Blades were the go to lures, while saltwater yabbies proved to be dynamite for the bait anglers.

    Lake Monduran - With some colder unstable  weather settling in we did see the shallow water fish shut down and be very hard to find over the weekend, the fish throughout the main basin and the deeper tree lines fished unbelievably well for the trolling anglers. The 10ft Barra classic proved To be the pick of the lures. This past week we have had some better weather and has made the fish a little more comfortable. Targeting submerged weed amongst shallow points and bays were the go too. Targeting these fish with the ever faithful Slick Rig and also the smaller Molix 100. 


    The Weather

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