Fishing Report 25th November 2022

Fishing Report 25th November 2022

Photo: Matt Huntley recently returned from an amazing Barra trip from Monduran, this fish is one of many that got caught. The New Molix 120 got the bite.

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Another fantastic week on our little local lake, some good Yellow Belly have been caught both from the bank and out in the deeper water. The dam has settled well finally after all the rain and consistent weather. Anglers have had success casting spinnerbaits and soft vibes off the bank working the deeper edges. Boat fisherman have landed some great fishing Vertically fishing ZX Blades and soft vibes like the Zerek fish trap. Saltwater Yabbies, Live worms and live shrimp are all working well for the bait anglers. 

Cressbrook - Unfortunately not the results we wants to hear from Cressbrook, the fish are quite spread out throughout the lake. Trolling may your best chance to find those active bass, working lures like the Smak Blitz bags and the deeper Little rippers. Still reasonable numbers of Yellow belly being found up in the Cressbrook creek arm. The ever faithful ZX Blade has been the best option. 

Somerset - It’s been rocks and diamonds these past few weeks and it continues. Some days are Hot with plenty of action and others anglers can barely find a fish. With the weather heating up the fish have been moving around super fast around pelican point and the red rock area. The Hot Bite spectre has been the standout bait by far, keeping the Soectre close to the bottom is key!

Leslie - Some unbelievable fishing continues at Leslie, Huge numbers of Yellow Belly have been caught by a lot of anglers. The standout lures again has been the Zx Blade and Zerek fish trap’s, these baits have been the better option working the deeper water amongst the main basin, working the shallow water around the edges and the upper end of Sandy creek, Jackall TN60’s, Spinnerbaits, and Chatterbaits getting the bites. Saltwater yabbies have been dynamite for the bait anglers. 

Monduran - The weather is really heating up and so are the Barra, great numbers of fish are still holding up the lake, B arm has been popular with the northerly winds. With the Hotter temps week by week more fish are starting to head to the southern end of the lake for there yearly breading cycle as this happens these fish will suspend shallow amongst the deeper water. Casting heavily weighted baits like the Molix 120,140 and the Zerek Live Mullet have been the standouts again. Trolling will start coming into its own as these fish move deeper, the popular Barra classic is your best bet as there is a great variety of depths and colours suited to every situation. 

Awoonga - It’s been on every one’s mind but the Top water action is back and becoming very successful as these fish hang tight amongst the shallow weeded flats. The Berkley Buzz’n Toad is a great bait for this technique can be fished slow for those not so active fish or burnt fast for that reaction style of presentation. During the lower light periods these fish are still pushing deeper onto the larger points, again The Molix 140 proves the best bait for the job. 

The Weather

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