Fishing Report 2nd December 2022

Fishing Report 2nd December 2022

Photo: Brad Wickson with a Giant Yellow Belly from a recent trip. 

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Product Of The Week - Zerek Fish Trap Lures

If you were given the option of having only one lure type in your kit, the Zerek Fish Trap Lures for sale now would have to be in the final selection cut. They’re the epitome of versatility, with an exceptional lipless crankbait design, build quality and action. There are a few perfect size options from which to choose when ordering in exceptional colour options. From Bream, to meter Barra, all you need are the Zerek Fish Trap Lures.

Zerek Fish Trap Lures are super tough. Constructed with durable TPE plastic, extra strong split rings and the deadly Mustad 4x Saltism trebles (excludes weedless), your fish trap will stand up to the harshest attacks from Australia’s most aggressive scaly predators. A through wire connects all points, which is also moulded into the weight creates one very tough lure perfect for targeting the toughest of fish.

It’s difficult to isolate a particular species to target. Everything you can imagine will have an almighty chew on your Zerek Fish Trap Lures. Fresh or saltwater, it doesn’t matter. Tackle massive Barra from every location. Murray cod will inhale them.

The colour range covers all conditions and water types, muddy and clear. There are natural baitfish designs, as well as the colours that are designed to attract.

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - This week the fishing has been reasonably tough with some terrible weather making it hard for a lot of anglers. Fishing deep has been best option, vertical fishing blades and annoying those inactive fish. Both Zx blades and Soft vibes have been the best choices. Trolling anglers have found the fishing very tough this week while bait anglers are having the majority of success. Saltwater yabbies again proving there the best freshwater bait.

Leslie Dam - Very similar to Cooby this week, this cold front has pushed those fish deeper amongst the creek bed and making things a little more difficult.
Bait anglers again having the best success with saltwater yabbies and live worms.
Vertical fishing Blades have had the best results.

Boondooma Dam - It’s becoming the most consistent fishery yet again this week.
The fish are schooled up in big numbers and very active, targeting the larger points and flats is your best bet, Metal blades like the Evergreen Little max blade and a variety of 20g spoons has been the lures of choice.

Somerset Dam - The unpredictable fishing continues this week, the fish have been very easy to find but triggering those shutdown fish has been tough.
These fish are feeding in very tight to the bottom, the Hot Bite Spectre Vibration Jig proved it’s worth yet again on the lake getting the majority of the bites, keeping your lure tight on the bottom during the whole retrieval is key.
South Pelican and towards Red Rock is holding the best numbers of fish.

Monduran - Plenty of smaller fish on the bite this week after the recent rain and very inconsistent weather. The large points amongst the main basin have had plenty of activity. While Bird Bay and the southern end of B has also been popular spots, targeting these deeper fish in the basin with the ever faithful Molix 140, 120 and Zerek Live Mullet while working Jerkbaits around shallow weed and submerged trees has been by far the best technique further up the lake amongst the shallow bays.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
Due to the changing weather conditions, please check for more up to date information.

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