Fishing Report 29th July 2022

Fishing Report 29th July 2022

Photo: Troy Sweeney with another Mid 80's Cod from Leslie Dam

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Product Of The Week - Molix RT Shad 5.5ich

The 5.5inch Molix RT is the smaller brother of the ever popular 7inch. With its massive body roll this bait just screams Barramundi and a lot of other species from jacks to flathead and even more. A great colour range including Barra favourites Like Perch and Black Gold tiger. Be sure to check this bait out for the upcoming Barra season.


Fishing Our Region

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Cooby  - A steady week on our local lake, the weather being not so kind it has made it a little difficult to get out. Trolling has been the best method over the last few weeks, covering ground and finding those active fish is key. The Cooby Cobba Mighty Mite and Little Rippers have accounted for some great sessions. The bait fishing has been quite good as well, Salt water yabbies and live worms being the better option. Fishing from the bank has also been popular. The majority of the fish have been caught amongst the deeper water towards the rock wall.

Cressbrook - Finally our other Lake has re opened to all activities, keep in mind the council will close this lake when it is spilling so always double check the Toowoomba Council website for updates

Leslie - It's been tougher than previous weeks for the Yellow Belly fisherman. as these fish are holding tight to the bottom as the water slowly starts to settle after the recent rain. For the bait anglers saltwater yabbies and prawns being the pic of the baits while lure fishos have had better results vertically jigging blades like the ever popular zx blades. On the Cod front there's been good numbers starting to show up shallow. Targeting these fish with larger swimbaits or topwater has had some positive results. The morning bite has seen the most success.

Boondooma - This lake has fished well throughout winter. Targeting the shallow edges with Lipless crankbaits, suspending hardbodies and metal blades have all been effective. Both the Boyne and Stuart arms are holding good numbers of fish amongst the timbers, Jigging blades have been successful. Bait anglers are having good sessions working these same areas, Saltwater yabbies being a good option

Glenlyon - Some better results this week with some good fish caught, this winter hasn't been easy but things are changing as the fish feed up before spawning time. The shallow bays have been alive during low light periods, find the bait and you'll find those active fish.

Monduran - During the week Monduran saw another big rain even falling into the lake and at present the water is still running in. Despite it going over no barra have been going over the wall and hopefully over the summer months it stays the same. The smaller Fish fish have still been active up the top end of the lake, searching for the warmer bays is key at the time of year, Suspending Jerkbaits have proved to be the most consistent catcher.

Jumpin Pin - Another fantastic week on the coast, huge numbers of flathead have been caught in shallow water during the run out tide. Popular spots have been the flats around Five ways,Green bank and Kalinga bank, 3-4inch plastics have been popular rigged on a 1/4oz jig head. Good numbers of bream are schooling up in the main channels, Tiger Mullet and Short island being popular.

The Weather

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