Fishing Report 5th August 2022

Fishing Report 5th August 2022

Photo: Craig Flemming with a Giant Brisbane River Threadfin Salmon caught From the Brissy River, this beast measured in at 138cm.

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Fishing Our Region

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Cooby - Cooby has fished a little tougher this past week with the cold weather hanging around, the majority of the fish have been caught amongst the deeper water around the 20ft mark, trolling deep diving hard bodies has seen the most success, trolling can be very effective at this time of the year when the Yellow Belly are spread out throughout the lake, Jigging metal blades also been picking up the odd fish, the ever faithful Zx40 has been the lure of choice again. For the bait anglers Saltwater Yabbies proving their worth.

Cressbrook - Finally Cressbrook is back open to all water based activities. With no further rain on the horizon hopefully we can get back to some consistent fishing.

Leslie - A few better results this past week with some better fishing conditions. The majority of the fish are spread out throughout the lake, targeting the deeper water has been the best option, working structure around the edges of the creek bed and deeper edges has been successful. Good reports of some larger cod on the move around the shallow banks, these fish are feeding before breeding season kicks in, Larger swimbaits like the Jackall Gantarel and Top Attack have accounted for the better quality of fish.

Maroon - One of our only Bass lakes that's been consistent throughout the year. Working the weeded edges with smaller plastics and Suspended Hardbodies has been the best choice this technique works best during the low light periods or overcast days. During the day the fish have schooled up out in front of the camp ground, targeting these fish with 1/4oz blades and Hot Bite Spectres.

- The reports are getting better week by week at Moogerah, these fish are starting to school up throughout the flats amongst the timber, With the dirty water around reaction baits have been the go too, Blades, Spinnerbiats and Lipless crankbaits have gotten the bites.

- A little slow this year with the winter swimbaits bite but it's in full swing at the present. It's hard work as cod fishing is but plenty of potential with the giants that have been caught, Look for clear water and the shallower edges. The Jackall Gantarel is great searching bait for finding those active ones.

- We are starting to see the better quality of fish starting to eat as we move closer to the warmer months, Shallow Bays and Banks is key and finding the warmer is a must at this time of year. Smaller baits like 79 Squirrels and the ever faithful Squidgy slick rig 130 has been the popular baits. If this lake receives any further rain we will be in store for one hell of a summer!

Jumpin - Another great week with massive numbers of fish being caught, Big schools of tailor and trevally are showing up through the area. Inside the Bar is holding good numbers of Jew if you're willing to put in the time. the flathead have been very active amongst the Shallow sand Banks and Drains. Casting lightly weighted plastics in these areas have caught huge numbers, Areas around Green Bank, Crusoe island and Kallinga Bank have been productive.

The Weather

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