Fishing Report 19th August 2022

Fishing Report 19th August 2022

Photo: Heath Kimber with a solid Somerset Bass during last weeks QFT Tournament

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Product Of The Week - Jackall Squirrel 67SP

Possibly the most exciting way to catch a fish after topwater is on a jerkbait. The Squirrel 67 is probably the benchmark of Bass and Golden Perch jerkbaits in Australia. It dives to a little over 2m on the cast and is perfect for light baitcast and spin gear. The action of this lure is what pulls the fish in. A tight vibration on the roll comes through the rod tip then that darting action when twitched and the tantalising suspend when paused. Strike usually come while twitching or on the pause. Our realistic paint work, eyes and body scales pull strikes when the squirrel is sitting still. Perfect balance and action means this lure will not blow out when violently twitched to elicit strikes.

Tips from Harry Watson: When fishing shallow water I’ll start twitching the squirrel from the start of the retrieve so it doesn’t hit the bottom. On steeper sloping banks or where the weed drops into deeper water I’ll make maybe 4 to 6 turns of the handle to get the Squirrel to depth before I start twitching. Depending on the mood of the fish I’ll twitch constantly all the way to the boat or have long pauses between twitching. The fish make the rules!

Available in a great range of colours!

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Fishing Our Region

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- It's been a tough slog on our local lake with very few reports of fish being landed, the most success has come fishing Saltwater Yabbies and live worms close to the bottom. The late afternoon has been by far the best time. Anglers trolling Deep diving hardbodies have had results working the edge of the creek bed. The ever reliable Zx40 has held its own and is catching reasonable numbers.

- We have seen a great turn around over the past few weeks with some decent fish caught, the edge fishing has been well worth it. The larger fish have moved up to the warmer clearer water. Suspending Hardbodies, Tn60's and Crankbaits have all caught their fair share of fish. Targeting the deeper rock walls has been the go too. The bite window can be small with this technique of fishing st somerset. Overcast days or early mornings is your best bet.

- Another hard week on Leslie, Unfortunately with the colder weather the yellow belly has been a little harder to find and very spread out throughout the lake. Bait fishing saltwater Yabbies and Live worms will be your best bet, while anglers trolling the edge of the creek bed have had good success finding those active fish.

- One of the better lakes to be fishing at the present time, with the edge bite and schooled fish reacting well to a variety of lure presentations. Suspending hardbodies and chatterbaits have been the consistent catches on the edge. The fish schooled out from the campground have reacted well to soft plastics and 1/4oz blades. Keeping your lure tight to the weed and bottom is key.

Bjelkie Peterson
- Finally some better results as we come into spring, With the weather heating up the fish are starting to school up quite close to the banks. Metal blades like the ZX40 and Little Max blades have accounted for the majority of fish. Trolling deeper rock walls with lipless crankbaits has had good results as well.

- Starting to see some promising signs this early in Barra season. Good numbers of fish have been located in B Bay and other shallow wind Blown Bays towards the Northern end of the lake, Finding the warmer water is key for this time of year, Follow the wind! Smaller Profile Plastics like the ever faithful 130 Slick rig and the new Molix 120 will be those two lures you will want in your arsenal.

Fraser Island - 
K'gariIt's Time! The Tailor bite is now full steam ahead as we head into the best time of year for this type of fishing.  Plenty of By catch like Whiting,Bream, Flathead Dart and smaller school Jew have been on the bite while fishing for tailor. 

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
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BIG CATCH Jackpot Promotion

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