Fishing Report 29th October 2020

Fishing Report 29th October 2020

Photo: Danny Stuart with a cracking Cressbrook Bass

Lure of the week

Jackall Transam 95
The Jackall Transam 95 has quickly become one of the most successful soft vibes to hit the shores of Australia. This lure has accounted for an incredible number of trophy Barramundi, jew, threadfin salmon, bass, yellow belly, cod, snapper, flat head and the list goes on.

The Transam 95 differs from that of other vibes by utilizing the tungsten weight system to help with the action of the lure. Its ability to vibrate at slower speeds and slalom on the drop has proven a winner amongst anglers. This lure is effective across a wide range of retrieves from vertically vibing through schools of fish or casting over flats and hopping back to the boat, its versatility is its biggest asset.

Available in a huge array of fish catching colours this lure is equally at home in both fresh and salt water. The Jackall Transam 95 is a must for any lure angler. Find them here: Jackall Transam 95 20g

Cooby Dam
Cooby has fished well this week considering the small windows of opportunity anglers have had to get out, still ZX blades and soft Jackalls working well in the deeper water while lipless crankbaits and small shallow diving hardbodies have been the standout for the trolling anglers. Finding areas where the water is running in from the recent rain will be your best bet. The large rock wall is ideal for this situation as the fish will move to the running water.

Cressbrook Dam
Still good reports coming from our local lake, the bass are school up in good numbers not far from the ramp, the main lake points are holding the majority of the fish, while there has also been a reasonable edge bite into the afternoon as the water cools down, For the schooled fish they have reacted well to spoons and heavily weighted plastics fished hard on the bottom, The ever faithful 3 inch slider grub has been the stand out as aswell as the Palms Slow Blatt and Hot Bits Raptor.

Somerset Dam
Still one of our most consistent lakes, The fish have spread out all over the lake, the southern part of the dam from Bay 13 to the Spit is holding the Majority of the fish. The Morning sessions have been the most productive with the warmer weather shutting down the fish during the day, Trolled Hardbodies like the Smak Range has caught there fair share of fish while the fish have been reasonably spread out on the deeper flats.

Lake Monduran
Our closest Barra impoundment is producing by the far the most numbers of all of our lakes, fish up to the magic meter mark are now being caught weekly, as the temperature and the wind becomes more consistent it'll just get better and better. The Jackall Hanktune 79 has been by the most consistent lure, working the shallow bays and tree lines the wind has been pushing up into will be your best bet, finding where the water warmer is another great way of finding the active fish and bait.

Leslie Dam
With some good rainfall this past week not to many fisherman getting a chance to get out, we should see a slight water level rise at Leslie and that's exactly what it needs, the fish will be very active after the recent rain, targeting the shallower edges with tn60's and hardbodies should see you land some great fish.

Tip Of The Week

Changing it up!
Whether your Fishing for Murray Cod, Barra or Bass, it can make a huge difference whether it being the technique or just the speed your retrieving your lure, this can change the outcome of your day.

Getting a reaction out of the fish your targeting and sometimes can be the smallest of change, don't be scared to do something completely different. Barramundi fishing can change in a heartbeat if your willing to change it up.

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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