Fishing Report 22nd October 2020

Fishing Report 22nd October 2020

Photo: Adam Krautz with a cracking fish from Lake Monduran

Lure of the week

The Old Faithful Squidgie Slick Rig
The incredible success of the Squidgy Slick Rig range even took us by surprise! Turns out anglers everywhere love an integrated hook-and-weight plastic that can simply be tied or clipped to the end of their line and fished? No rigging, no tweaking, no guesswork. And it turns out that fish love them even more! While nowadays an established barramundi classic (in both salt and freshwater), there's also a Slick Rig made to catch anything else that swims and eats smaller fish. Truth is, these things are almost too good! Find them here: Squidgie SlickRig

Cooby Dam
Cooby fished quite well over the weekend with some good fish caught, the bank fisherman taking advantage of the low water levels, salt water yabbies and frozen prawns getting most of the attention. Other anglers getting some good catches of smaller cod trolling the shallower weed beds around the edges, Shallow Diving Hardbodies and Tn60's have caught their fair share of both Yellow Belly and Cod. With some rain we should see this lake realy fire up as we get into the warmer months.

Cressbrook Dam
Good Results coming in and consistent catches of big fish, the morning bite is the stand out this week, by 10 am most of the fish are spreading out in the deeper water, targeting these fish on the larger points in the main basin with spoons and soft plastics has been the go too. Trolling deep diving Hardbodies and 5/8oz spinnerbaits through the deeper water column once the schooled fish move has been a great tool for searching and locating.

Somerset Dam
A definte rise in fish catches these past few weeks, the deeper fish have certainly turned it on down the southern end of the lake, The Spit has fished well of an early morning, spoons and plastics being the go too, through the day the fishing has been a little tougher as the fish are tending to get very tight to the bottom, Pelican point and red rock have good fish holding on the shallow flats, trolling has worked well. Still good numbers of fish hanging out on the kirkliegh flats.

Boondooma Dam
This lake has fished exceptionally well the past few months and still continues to produce, the fish are very spread out throughout the lake and there's been a great edge bite to add with the amazing fishing this dam has to offer, fishing the deeper rock walls with Jackalls, Spinnerbaits and Skirted jigs is an awsome way to catch fish, the larger fish have all been caught with these baits. The deeper Flats on the junction and Pelican point is always worth a look, Blades and Spoons getting alot fish.

Leslie Dam
Slowly but surely the fishing is picking up, again this week the bait fisherman being the consistent catches, saltwater yabbies and Live worms being the better options. For the lure anglers it hasn't been easy unfortunately, patience is key while the fish arnt too active, jigging Zx blades on the edge of the creek bed has been successful of an afternoon. Another lake that proves you don't need a boat to catch fish with a lot of anglers getting amongst the action from the shores.

Lake Monduran

When there on there on, some great fishing on the dam known as lake misery because that's what it can be, follow the wind and you'll find the fish, with the water levels still on the decline the fish have moved that little bit deeper compared to where they are generally caught. Heavily weighted plastics and Soft swimbaits have been the main focus, The Zerek live mullet has accounted for stupid amounts of fish, for the shallower trees the Jackall Squirrel 79 or Lucky Craft Pointer 78 has been another great option.

Tip Of The Week
Checking your almanac for tide and bite times can be crucial when targeting barramundi, whether it's a Freshwater Impoundment or a saltwater creek these times can have a massive effect on how or where these fish feed.

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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