Fishing Report 2nd Feb 2024

Fishing Report 2nd Feb 2024

Photo: Steph Essery with a Quality Bass from Boondooma casting lipless crankbaits to the edge, and rocking our New Hooded Fishing Jersey.

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Fishing Our Region

CoobyWith the Cooby Classic coming up the dam has been fishing very well, we should see plenty of fish caught during the day. With recent rain the fish have spread out over the lake and being caught in quite a few different areas, Both shallow and deeper parts are worth looking at, casting lipless crankbaits to the shallower fish amongst the structured banks has been successful also fish the deeper banks with blades and soft vibes has caught good quantity as well. Fishing on the outside of the weed in front of the sailing club has been popular for the bait fisherman, Both Love shrimp and Saltwater yabbies being popular.
Trolling has been another good option working the edges of the creek bed, deep diving lures will be your best bet for this technique.

Leslie Dam - Still Producing massive numbers of fish even after the rain and inflow into the dam. targeting the edges of the creek bed has been best, either trolling Deep diving hardbodies like the little ripper lures or the new Barambah B60 has been dynamite on these deep fish, again jigging blades and soft vibes tight to the bottom has produced lots of Yellow Belly and a few undersized cod.  

Coolmunda Dam - Another consistent week at Coolmunda, out from the dam wall has been popular for alot of anglers trolling, keeping your in contact with the bottom at all times is key as well as staying close to the creek edges. Plenty of fish spread out through out the timbered sections of the lake as well, for the anglers chasing cod casting Spinnerbaits or lipless crankbaits has been effective. For others targeting standing timber with metal blades like the ever popular Zx40 or TT Switchprawn has been a go to wanting to catch a few yellow belly. 

Glenlyon Dam - Very Good reports these past few weeks and it continues this week, big numbers of yellow belly being caught, targeting points with standing timber has seen alot of fish landed, jigging blades has been the  best option, as for the bait fisherman its hard to go past Saltwater Yabbies.

Boondooma - this lake always fishes well after some good run with this lake has 2 large creek that feed the system, the fish have been pushing up both the stuart and Boyne arms, casting Lipless crankbaits and spinnerbaits to the edges and standing timber has been effexctive.

Lake Monduran  - its been a battle to even raise a scale previous weeks but some promising signs this past week with anglers getting amongst some top Quality fish. Trolling has been by far the most effective technique while these fish are quite spread out throughout the main basin, targeting these deeper fish with the Barra classic in the 10ft model has been very effective. Other anglers putting in the work to find fish further up the lake have been getting rewarded aswell, finding bays where the water has run in has been popular, Both North an South B is still holding good numbers of fish, casting plastics like the Molix 140 and Zerek Live Mullet has been the go too. 

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
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