Fishing Report 2nd September 2021

Fishing Report 2nd September 2021

Photo: Damien Reardon with a Somerset Bass.


Lure Of The Week  - Major Craft JigPara

The specially designed oval-shaped body lets it slash in high pitch and fall slowly like a leaf. And the centre is balanced at a little toward the rear so it stays in the right stance to be casted long. 2 assist hooks on the front and 1 single assist hook are assembled to be ready to use. A perfectly weighted spoon for our local Impoundment schooled Bass. Find them here: Major Craft JigPara

Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - With a small water inflow into the lake at the start of the week this is what this lake really needed. The water has dirtied and made the fishing a little easier compared to the last few weeks. The lure fisherman having better success trolling the shallow weed beds. Tn60's and shallow crankbaits is ideal for this Technique. Keeping your lure above the weed is key. Good results this past week again Jigging blades amongst the deeper water or for the bait fisherman Salt water yabbies have proved to be successful.

Cressbrook Dam
- The bass fishing has been red hot over the last month and this continues with some great fish caught, the quality of fish have been up there if you're willing to put the time into locating the schooled fish. The main Basin and the Bull Creek arm is holding numerous amounts of fish, searching the larger points in these areas is your best bet. Heavier Spoons like the Hot Bite Raptor or Palms slow Blatt 30 gram has been the pick of the lures for the deeper water.

Leslie Dam
- Reasonable results again this week with the cod on the move, the main basin around the Dam wall area has been the go to, The Jackall Gigantarel being the lure of choice, casting these big baits over the shallow flats has accounted for the better fish. Trolling shallower hardbodies over the same areas has been successful while Jigging Zx Blades and soft vibes on the edge of the creek bed has also been effective.

Somerset Dam
- Its been rocks and diamonds over the past few weeks especially over the busy weekends. The fish are schooled up in good numbers around the lake of a morning and late into the afternoon, during the day the fish are scattered and can be some what very hard to find. Side scan is a must for locating these hard to find fish in the difficult times of the day. The spit has fished very well with plenty of fish schooled up, the deeper water off the end of the spit has been successful. Plastics and spoons being very effective.

Boondooma Dam
- Still very consistent with massive numbers of fish caught but the quality lacking compared to previous weeks, Pelican Point, Leeza gangs and The Boyne arm have been the better options, Spoons, plastics and metal blades getting the results. There has also been a good edge bite of an early morning, fishing the shallower weedy banks in the Boyne or Stuart arm has been effective. Targeting the banks can produce the bigger fish at this time of year as the water temp is on the rise. A suspending Jerkbait like the Daiwa Double clutch or Jackall Squirrel is the standout lure for this technique.

Lake Monduran
- The best time of year is upon us and this lake is already producing the goods. Putting the time into this lake and locating active patches of fish can be tricky when the weather isn't consistent. This can scatter the fish and make it very tough. The northern end of the lake has produced the better quality of fish. Long runs up the back of the lake can be well worth it, Targeting the less pressured fish is key. 79 and 115 Jackall Squirrels have been the best for the shallow banks as for fishing Deeper points along tree lines, Plastics like the Molix 140 and Squidgy Slick rig has been popular yet again.

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Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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