Fishing Report 26th August 2021

Fishing Report 26th August 2021

Photo: Zac Taylor with a nice Somerset Bass.


Lure Of The Week  - MMD Whiting Glide 180  

MMD Whiting Glide 180

The MMD Whiting Glide is the first production glidebait designed in Australia to specifically targert monster Flathead. Made to immitate a sand whiting, it has a wide, level glide action. Find them here: MMD Whiting Glide 180

Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Very similar to last week when the weather has allowed anglers to get out. Good numbers of fish were caught last weekend, the most consistent way is fishing tight to the weeded edges with either blades or Lipless Crankbaits. The silent Tn60 has accounted for good numbers of yellow belly. Trolling these baits tight to the edges has been the best method while Jigging blades in the deeper water towards the rock wall is always a popular technique.

Cressbrook Dam - Good results again this past week, the morning bite is the most consistent bite timer along with the afternoon bite getting solid numbers. The main Basin predominant points and the Bull creek arm has produced. The Hot Bite G2 and Raptor has accounted for the majority of the fish. The deeper suspended fish have been the easiest to target, while the Bottom fish have been a little harder to tempt, a slow draw off the bottom has gotten the best reaction.

Somerset Dam - The best time of year is here! Some incredible fishing is happening right now if you time it right, the mid week fisherman are really getting amongst them. The Kirkleagh Flats out from the cabins is holding incredible amounts of fish, the ever faithful slider grubs have proved to be fish catching machines this week getting big numbers on the board. Spoons have held their own once again and caught the bigger fish. Covering ground and not staying on the same patch of fish for too long is key, These heavily pressured fish can shut down very quickly, wind drifting can be very effective for staying away from these following schooled fish. 

Leslie Dam - Week by week we are seeing better results. The bait fisherman has had the most luck and off the bank producing good quantities. Salt water Yabbies and Live worms being the best. The cod are on the move and starting to pair up and getting ready to spawn so the bite can be tough at this time of year, persistence and fishing your lure slow is key. For the other anglers there has been good  Yellow Belly reacting well to blades and soft vibes, this bite will only get better as the warmer weather progresses. The deeper water off the Wash pool has been popular.

Lake Awoonga - Its looking better by the day and this season will be one of its best. Fish are starting to move towards the warmer water and searching for bait. Fishing the wind blown shallow bays where the warmer water is your best bet. The Jackall Squirrel 79 and 115 can be ideal for this shallow water technique, big long pauses are key. With these fish moving shallow Casting weedless plastics to these areas can be another good method, Castaic Jerky J's and the Berkeley Hollow belly are the perfect Gar fish imitation. The morning bite has been the most consistent.

Gold coast Offshore - Some great weather last weekend seen a lot anglers getting out offshore and the fishing has been impressive. Good numbers of schooled Jew have been caught just off the Bar, smaller Jigs like the Palms slow blatts have been effective while other anglers using live baits have been very successful, further out on the 20 and 40 fathom reefs has seen plenty of Pearl Perch and Smaller Tuskies on the bite. Plenty of pan sized Snapper on the closer reefs around that 50ft mark, look for isolated structure away from the more common reefs. The Low lite periods of a morning has been best for of the more quality Snapper. 

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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