Fishing Report 19th August 2021

Fishing Report 19th August 2021

Photo: Lucas Briggs with a nice Cod at Leslie Dam.


Lure Of The Week  - Jackall Squirrel79  

SuperDD Squirrel79 Hank Tune(Original Model) – The most popular deep diving Barramundi Jerkbait on the market. Tested and designed by Harry Watson for the big Barra in lakes like Awonga. Monduran and Faust. And the northern river systems where a steep dive is required.

Upgraded with X-strong rings and hooks for our biggest predators. Tuned to swim perfectly straight from the pack and handle big fish. The Squirrels fish catching ability goes much further than any other Jerkbait on the market.. Find them here: Jackall Squirrel79

Fishing Our Region

Dam levels for this week. Please note while the levels are current at time of the report, levels will still be rising and falling depending on weather activity & these percentages will change on a daily basis:
Cooby - 17%
Cressbrook - 35%
Leslie - 95.5%
Glenlyon - 64%
Coolmunda - 100.6%
Pindari - 100.1%
Copeton - 72.7%
Somerset - 65.6%
Wivenhoe - 42.1%
Moogerah - 42.0%
Maroon - 99.8%


Cooby Dam - A little more consistent this week with numerous fish catches. With the little bit warmer temperature the fishing is on the rise. A few local anglers caught good amounts of yellow belly this past week, Metal blades like the old Faithful ZX40 accounted for every fish. The hump that sits off the Bouy line is holding good numbers of fish, also targeting the very shallow weeded banks can we very successful during the day as this is where the fish find most comfortable amongst the warmer water.

Cressbrook Dam - Very similar reports to last week with Cressbrook still being very consistent for most anglers. The morning and afternoon bite has been the best bite times, during the day the fish are spreading out making them a little harder to catch. The majority of the fish have been caught in the main basin fishing the predominant points, Spoons have been the most successful. The Hot Bite Raptor proving its worth on these deep schooled fish.

Leslie Dam - Leslie has had another good week and this consistent weather is only going to make it better. Some good cod caught in the main basin not far from the dam wall, targeting the cleaner water in this area has been key. With Cod season upon us these fish will be starting to pair up and can be in good numbers at times. Working the shallower Banks with larger swimbaits has been the best option. The yellow belly are starting to school up around the edges of the creek bed out from the wash pool, the late afternoon bite has been best. The bait anglers getting the better results, Saltwater yabbies and live worms getting the rewards.

Somerset Dam - This is what we have been waiting for! Some great fishing over the last week for most anglers. The Northern end of the lake is being the best option. The 20 - 30 ft flats out from kirkleagh has been the go to areas. Massive numbers of fish call these flats home during this time of year. Wind drifting these flats and covering ground with spoons has been the best method. More subtle options like Plastics and Soft Jackall's Working when the fish shut down from time to time.

Lake Boondooma - Still one of the most consistent local lakes, well worth the drive with good numbers of fishing willing to bite. The edge bite has picked up from the last few weeks, targeting the rockier banks between the narrows have produced the fish. Working soft Jackalls and metal blades have been the best technique. Still Numerous amounts of school in the southern end of the lake, Pelican gully and Boyne arm being the better areas. 1/2oz metal Blades and spoons being the most effective.

Lake Awoonga - Week By week the water temp is on the rise and the fish are on the move. Fishing slow is key for this time of year and there's no better lure for this time of year, The Jackall Squirrel is accounting for the majority of the catches. Fishing shallow wind blown bays with these suspending hardbodies has gotten the results. The morning bite time as the water begins to warm has been consistent. The next few weeks this lake will begin to fire! This Barra season will be one to remember!

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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