Fishing Report 12th August 2021

Fishing Report 12th August 2021

Photo: Mark Cooper with a Glenlyon Cod

Lure Of The Week - Jackall 79 Hanktune  

SuperDD Squirrel79 Hank Tune(Original Model) – The most popular deep diving Barramundi Jerkbait on the market. Tested and designed by Harry Watson for the big Barra in lakes like Awoonga, Monduran and Faust, plus the northern river systems where a steep dive is required. We have a Huge Range of colours available in-store and online. Find them here: Jackall 79 Hank Tune Squirrel

Fishing Our Region

Dam levels for this week. Please note while the levels are current at time of the report, levels will still be rising and falling depending on weather activity & these percentages will change on a daily basis:
Cooby - 17.7%
Cressbrook - 36.%
Leslie - 56.3%
Glenlyon - 73.13%
Coolmunda - 100.82
Pindari - 100.2%
Copeton - 71.4%
Somerset - 66.7%
Wivenhoe - 42.1%
Moogerah - 42.3
Maroon - 99.8%


Cressbrook Dam - Cressbrook continues to produce good quality fish if you're willing to put the time in, the afternoon is by far been the most productive. The Bull creek arm is holding the number of larger fish while in front of the ramp amongst the deeper water has plenty of suspended smaller fish that are willing to eat. Plastics and spoons have been the pick of the lures for those suspended fish. Blades and Mask vibes have been another popular option if you're concentrating on the bottom fish.

Leslie Dam - Still Positive reports coming in from Leslie with some good caught throughout the lake. The most consistent technique has been trolling larger hardbodies or Big swimbaits like the Jackall Gigantarel adding a chin weight can make these dive to any desired depth and make these baits an all-round lure you can use any time of the day. Targeting the edges of the creek bed has been the most productive while also fishing the deeper banks which are newly flooded banks.

Somerset Dam - Finally the time is upon us where the big Somerset Bass school up, the lake has fished well this past week. With the local Lockdown closing the lake last weekend the fish have had a good rest which has worked in our favour. Good numbers of fish were caught during the week. The Kirkleagh flats and around the red rock area has been the go too areas. The shallow flats around the 25ft mark is key for this time of year, as this is where the majority of bait fish will hold looking for the warmer water. Find the bait and the fish won't be far away. Again Spoons like the Hot Bite Raptor,G2 Gang Banger and the Palms Slow Blatt. Good Numbers of Yellow Belly have also been on the move, The Timber North of Kirkleah has been popular, fishing tight to structure with blades or Lipless crankbaits has been best.

Lake Maroon  - A lake that doesnt receive to much attention due to its location but definitely worth a trip at the moment, not big fish but the quantity makes up for it. This time of year is great for targeting the fish tight to the edge especially after the recent rain. From suspending Hardbodies, spinnerbaits and Tn60's the fish are hungry. This lake is renowned for its big weed edges and that's exactly where you have to fish. Casting your lure tight to the weed and covering ground along banks finding those active fish is key too success.

Lake Boondooma - Week by week this lake just gets better. Coming into the best time of year its only going to get better. This lake has it all, a decent edge bite of an early morning and an amazing Quantity of fish schooled up through out the lake. Pelican Gully, Leezagangs Ledge and the Barbers pole are all holding ridiculous amounts of fish, while there is scattered fish amongst the timber in the Boyne arm. A little different to our other lakes at present, Metal Blades and Soft Jackalls have proved to be dynamite. 

Glenlyon Dam - The Cod are there to be caught, putting the time in on this lake and finding those good banks and points can be worth it and it has been this week with some good fish caught. Particuly the Northern end of the lake. Finding the cleaner water is a must! Big swimbaits like the Jackall Gigantarel proves to be popular with The top attack crucian carp. Trolling has had good success this week, working the deeper rock walls has picked up some good Yellow Belly

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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