Fishing Report 5th August 2021

Fishing Report 5th August 2021

Photo: Malcolm Liu with a Gold Coast GT


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This smaller sized bait is the ideal bait for throwing around in the creeks and rivers, but not limited to, as they are still right at home in the larger impoundments. An amazing colour range is available. Check out our range of colours in-store or Find them online here: Mudeye - Rattle Snake

Fishing Our Region

Dam levels for this week. Please note while the levels are current at time of the report, levels will still be rising and falling depending on weather activity & these percentages will change on a daily basis:
Cooby - 17.7%
Cressbrook - 36%
Leslie - 56.51%
Pindari - 101.2% Spilling
Coolmunda - 100.51%
Glenlyon - 72.37%
Copeton - 69.5%


Cooby Dam - Our local lake unfortunately misses alot of our rain that is much needed in the area, therefor the lake is still on the drop and making it quite hard to find active fish. Anglers having the most success are Bait fishing the deeper water around the rock wall and Bouy line. Covering water to find the fish can be done by jigging or casting ZX blades and has been successful for some. Live worms and Saltwater yabbies being the best option for the bait anglers.

Cressbrook Dam - The reports are still coming in from Cressbrook but the fishing hasn't been easy. Find the Bait and you won't be far off the Bass. Paying attention to your sounder and learning how to read it if the bass are active is key. No point sitting on the same school of fish if there not active or reacting to anything. These Cressbrook fish have had a lot of pressure on them in previous weeks and having numerous spots can do the trick. 30 Gram spoons like the Hot Bite Raptor and Palms Slow Blatt has had good success.

Wivenhoe Dam - Better results than previous as the fish are starting to school again, the fish are little spread out so can take a little bit of time to locate them, having a good sounder with great side scan will give you the best chance. The flats down the southern end of the lake has produced the better fish. Spoons and Plastics being the go too.
Leslie Dam - After the recent rain and a huge rise in water level, leslie has been getting a lot of attention from both Yellow Belly and Cod fisherman and with good reason. The main area being opposite the dam wall in the old creek bed and along the shallow flats, the Murray cod are in Pre spawn mode and willing to eat a bait or lure. The yellow belly being the easier of the two too target. Saltwater yabbies and ZX Blades accounting for some great sessions. Fishing tight to the bottom around structure proves to be successful. 
Somerset Dam - A huge improvement from the previous weeks with good reports coming in, The Kerkleigh flats and red rock proving to hold the majority of the fish, Again plastics, spoons and tailspinners getting the numbers of fish.
Coolmunda Dam - Slowly on the come back with a few local fishermen from Inglewood getting in on the yellow belly action, Saltwater yabbies being by far the most productive. Targeting the deeper water on the edge of the creek bed has seen the most action. With the water still being dirty the lure fisherman have struggled. Over the next month as the water cleans up and the temperature rises Coolmunda will be the lake to watch.
Glenlyon Dam - Solid reports coming in during the week with some very good fish caught, finding clean water is key. The main lake points around the main basin are holding good fish, persistence and throwing large swimbaits will be your best bet. Again, the Jackall Gigantarel and Top Attack Swimbaits accounting for some enormous fish! With the dirtier water still hanging around topwater lures like the Mudeye snake can trigger a bite when the fish are a little shut down.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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