Fishing Report 29th July 2021

Fishing Report 29th July 2021

Photo: Peter Voll with a Somerset Bass

Lure Of The Week - Jackall Gantia

Designed for larger predators and packed full of features the Gantia has become one of the go-to swimbaits for barramundi and Murray Cod. The combination of a slimmer profile, 4 body sections linked by heavy duty joints and large range of movement between sections allows the Gantia to move like a natural bait fish. Check out our range of colours in-store or Find them online here: Jackall Gantia

Fishing Our Region

Dam levels for this week. Please note while the levels are current at time of the report, levels will still be rising and falling depending on weather activity & these percentages will change on a daily basis:
Cooby  - 17.7%
Cressbrook  35.9%
Leslie - 55.61%
Somerset - 68.7%
Wivenhoe - 42.2%
Moogerah - 42.5%
Maroon - 99.9%
Coolmunda 100.69%
Glenlyon - 71.22%
Copeton - 64%
Pindari - 100.2%


Cooby Dam - With Cooby receiving little to no rain the water remains crystal clear but very weedy unfortunately which has made the fishing a little tough, the majority of the fish caught have been by trolling deep diving hardbodies off the rock wall away from the weed. Working the deep areas of the lake is your best chance, the hump off the buoy line is holding good numbers of fish, Targeting these with saltwater yabbies late of an afternoon has been the best method. Good numbers of shrimp have been caught if you're willing to put the time into them, if using these for bait a very light sinker close in around the weeds can be very successful.

Cressbrook Dam - Another good week on our local bass lake, towards the end of the Cressbrook creek arm and the main basin has been the popular spots for most anglers. Sitting reasonably shallow in around 20 foot and casting back to the deeper water. The suspended fish have reacted well to heavier spoons like the 30gram slow Blatt and Hot Bite Raptor. A heavily weighed plastic like the Slider Grubs or X Zone Swammers have also caught good numbers fish. During the day when the fish Aren't as active working a Deep diving Crankbait like the Rapala DT 16 or 20 is a great option for covering ground, these baits can be cast or trolled.

Leslie Dam - Leslie sits above 55% with water still flowing in, very few reports of fishing come from the lake but they won't be far away. Yellow Belly and Cod both thrive on running water. Targeting the Banks will be your best bet as these fish will move up onto new ground. Two techniques can be effective casting sinking lures across the bottom like a Jackall TN60 and TN70 or trolling a deep diving hardbody, keeping in contact with the bottom is key. The bait anglers having reasonable session of an afternoon, In the next few weeks as the water clear the reports will be on the increase. 
Somerset DamA little hit miss over the last week with the wind and rain hanging around making it hard for anglers to get out. We aren't far away off what somerset is well known for, Big Bass! The fish are starting school up in a couple of key areas, The Kirkliegh Flats and Red Rock being the main two, Spoons and Plastics being the better choices. The Yellow Belly are in good numbers amongst the timber above Kirkliegh, The bait fisherman getting the success.
Boondooma DamThis lake is again the pick of our local lake with plenty of fish caught. Big numbers of fish are school along Pelican Gully and along with Leeza Gangs ledge, The Old faithful Jackall Mask vibe has belted cricket scores of fish this week. Spoons and metal blades still catching well above average numbers as well. The edge bite is still around with some of this warmer weather coming in, suspending jerkbaits and silent Jackall TN60's getting these resident bank fish.
Glenlyon DamA few better results this past week as the water settles and the fish become a little more confident. Targeting main lake points is your best bet as these are generally the shallow parts of the lake. Find the bait you'll find the fish. Targeting these shallow water monsters with big swimbaits like the Top Attack Crucian Carp or Jackall Gigantarels have been the lure of choice. The morning bite has been the pick of the times. The odd yellow belly being caught this week amongst the timber, Worms or yabbies working the best.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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