Fishing Report 9th September 2021

Fishing Report 9th September 2021

Photo: Nathan Nichols with a Lake Monduran Barra

Lure Of The Week  - Molix Shad 140

Molix Shad 140

The wait is over the Molix 140 is Finally Back in stock, last Barra season this bait proved to be one of the most consistent fish catching lures on the market and no doubt this season will be any different.

This very popular soft plastic sinking swimbait is designed to handle the largest predators around. Built with a wire through construction leading to the treble hook on the belly, a segmented body which produces a strong swimming action.
The position of the eyelet in the head allows it to be used deep vertically as well as in shallow water. It’s made with a new blend of plastic that makes it resistant and durable. The Molix Shad is particularly suitable for targeting Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Mulloway, Flathead and Cod. This lure can be fished out of the packet but as we all know Barra anglers love to perfect their bait, Cutting the side fins of this lure allows the soft swimbaits to have a massive body roll which is one thing Barra really like, also taking the rear blade off and attaching another treble, More hooks equal's more chance of landing that trophy Barra. This lure can be burnt over shallow weed beds looking for that reaction bite or fished slow targeting the deeper fish. Find them here: Molix Shad 140

Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Very similar to last week with some good yellow belly on the move, with this consistent warmer weather we should see it only get better. The majority of the more active fish are very shallow and have been reacting well to trolled lip-less crankbaits or shallower hardbodies, The Jackall TN60 has been the pick of the lures this week. Keeping your lure above weed is key for this technique. Targeting the deeper fish towards the rock wall.

Leslie Dam - The reports have been coming in from Leslie over the past week with good numbers of fish being caught. Local anglers are having success from the shore amongst the previously flooded banks, Saltwater yabbies and Live worms being the go too. The cod have been quite active of an early morning and willing to eat a lure or bait. Targeting the shallower water will be your best bet as these fish are starting to pair up and nest in these areas. Also trolling the creek ledges has accounted for some smaller cod and Yellow Belly.

Cressbrook Dam - Our Local lake has been very consistent over the few weeks and it still continues, the bite windows might be short but when the time is right there's some great fish to be caught. Heavy spoons like the Hot Bite Raptor has by far been the most popular lure. The Bullcock creek arm has great numbers of fish, fishing the larger points in the deeper water has been successful. The late afternoon bite has been best.

Somerset Dam - The fish are there to be caught and in great numbers. Good schools of fish are spread out through out the lake, The early morning and late arvo bite has been productive while during the day even locating the fish has been tough. The Spit, Bay of Plenty, Bay 13 and Queen street are worth a check, timing can be everything when these fish are getting a lot of pressure from anglers being out on the lake. Being on the right spot at the right time can be the difference from a good session to be session. Both plastics and spoons being effective on the fish. The ever faithful slider has caught the fish consistently while spoons have caught quality.

Lake Awoonga - Some great weather over the last week and still consistent wind to the day makes it for perfect Barra conditions. This allows the fish to become very comfortable with their surroundings and gives us anglers a chance to read the fish. This lake is on the verge of a great summer and one to go down in the record books. The fish are getting of a great size and putting in one hell of a fight. Targeting main lake Points of a late morning and afternoon has been the best chance. During these times the water heats to its maximum and pushes Bait into the area. The Jackall 115 super squirrel is accounting for good numbers of fish along with the popular Molix 140 and the Squidgy Slick Rig.

Lake Monduran - Well known as Lake misery this lake is turning heads at the moment. Our closest Barramundi lake is fishing particularly well as we come in to these warmer months. With the South easterly winds, the northern end of the lake has been popular with the anglers. The majority have been caught on reasonably shallow points and bays as this is where the water warms first. The Jackall Squirrel 79 has accounted for good numbers while lightly weighted plastics like the Berkely Hollow Belly has also been successful. Finding the warmer water in this lake is key. Follow the wind patterns leading up to your trip can make your chances that bit better.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
Fish N Bits Weather 7 Day Forecast - 9th September 2021

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