Fishing Report 16th September 2021

Fishing Report 16th September 2021

Photo: Steve Morgan with a nice Barra from Awonga Dams ABT Barra Open. Fell victim to a Squidgie Slick Rig.

Lure Of The Week  - Zerek Live Mullet 5.5''

Another long-awaited Barra Lure is finally back in stock. The Zerek Live mullet is a sinking soft swimbait that has been great on Barra, Cod and Flathead. its 35g in weight and 5.5 inches in length with a great colour range its one you will need for your tackle box. Find them here: Zerek Live Mullet 5.5''

Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Cooby is still a bit slow with only a few yellowbelly and small cod reported this week. While the water temp is still cool and there is an abundance of shrimp in the weeds, the fish have no reason to come out of the weeds, which makes it hard to catch them. The fish that have been caught are in the weeds or right on the edges. Tempting them out or fishing weedless lures over the top is the best bet as there has been some good surface action from cod over the top of the weeds. Good news is that the weather is warming up and as the water temp rises it will push the fish out of the weeds and into the open water where we will start to have a lot more success trolling and jigging blades in the deeper water.

Cressbrook Dam
- Plenty of good fishing being had at Cressbrook lately and some quality bass over the 50cm mark being landed often. Slider soft plastics and 20g spoons have been the best lures to use in the schooled bass while still a few edge fish being landed on suspending lures and spinnerbaits. Like all bass fishing it can still be hit and miss they have strong bite windows and other times that can be really shut down. early mornings seem to be the best as well as a decent bite time around 2pm. The bass have been schooling up in around 25-30ft out from most of the main lake points.

Leslie Dam
- Fishing is a bit quite at leslie again I think when the water temp picks up a bit more will see the yellowbelly come on the bite. at the moment only a few smaller yellowbelly being landed up on the edges early in the morning and late in the afternoon. lightly weighted salt water yabbies have been best. A few good Cod also been taken lately on surface lures right on dark in the late afternoon around the rocky banks towards the dam wall.

Somerset Dam - Big Numbers and Big fish coming from somerset this week but again like most bass lakes the bite windows can be short and fineky. schools of bass around the spit and pelican point have been going well on slider soft plastics rigged on a Heavey jig head. The active fish are suspended in the water column so you could be in up to 70ft of water and the fish are sitting around the 30ft mark its a matter of getting your bait of lure in front of the fish by measuring or counting down your bait or lure. mid-week fishing has been a lot better than the weekend but early mornings are definitely the key to catching your bag.

Boondooma Dam
- The great fishing continues at boondooma with cricket scores of fish being landed daily. the best part about boondooma is that you can catch them in the deep water or from the shallow edges. schooling fish around the junction and pelican point in the deep water liking soft plastics and spoons. while the edges are fishing well on Jackall TN60 lures and spinnerbaits. some good yellowbelly landed up the back around the timber on saltwater yabbies and blades. the red claw have been pretty good if you leave the traps in overnight or at least past last light.

Awonga Dam
- Plenty to report about with the ABT Barra Comp on at Awonga this week it showed what sort of condition the lake is in and its all-good news with many anglers catching their bag of 5 fish each session and our local boys John and Jake Schwerin Taking the comp out. Many fish around and over the metre where landed and its shaping up for a great season with the fishing only going to improve as the water temp rises. many of the barra where feeding on Large redclaw which gives us good insight into what to use and how to catch them.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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