Fishing Report 23rd September 2021

Fishing Report 23rd September 2021

Photo: Jake Schwerin

Lure Of The Week  - Squidgy Fish 150mm

The iconic squidgy fish now available in super size to take down big predatory species with the familiar profile and action that put squidgies on the map. Available in classic and new colours, the Squidgy Fish 150 can be rigged in a multitude of ways to target big impoundment, estuary and offshore species.  Another of the original trio of "classic" tail designs that helped put the Squidgies family firmly on the map, is the Squidgy Fish. This is the "go-to" lure for any and all soft plastic fishers throughout Australia! Combining the best of shad, T-tail and swim-bait features, but with a unique Squidgy twist that sees it pounding out a tail beat, rolling its body seductively and rippling those trademark belly flaps, the Squidgy Fish is a genuine superstar! Shimano’s Squidgy Fish comes in 6 different sizes from 50mm to 150mm and 9 unique colours to suit. In new territory, under tough conditions or when you're struggling to turn a scale, tie on an iconic Squidgy Fish... and hang on! Find them here: Squidgies - Fish 150mm

Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Some good signs this week coming from Cooby as the weather heats up. As the water temp is on the rise the yellow belly are slowly gaining a bit more confidence and coming out of the weed. Trolling has been the most productive, keeping your lure above the weed is key. Lipless crankbaits and shallow diving hardbodies has been popular.

Cressbrook Dam - Reasonable reports from our local lake, big fish are in numbers throughout the Bullcock Creek arm on the larger points. The deeper water has seen better results. Targeting the fish closer to the bottom is key with the colder weather hanging around. Spoons and plastics are again the flavour of the week, the larger Palms 30g and The Hot Bite Raptor has been effective.

Leslie Dam - Finally some good reports from Leslie, local anglers getting amongst some great fish last weekend with the majority bagging out. Lures like the Jackall TN60's trolled close into the recently flooded banks were popular for most. For the bait Anglers saltwater yabbies and live worms has been successful amongst the deeper water.

Somerset Dam - A little slower this week with a lot of anglers getting out during school holidays, early morning and late afternoon is a must as during the day can be struggle with even finding active fish. Before the boat traffic is to busy there's good schools through out the lake. Queen street Flats, Bay 13, Pelican points and the spit all holding massive amounts of fish and big ones at that. Spoons being the go to lure of choice for most while plastics like the slider grub or storm Biscay getting results.

Wivenhoe Dam - Some cracking fish coming out of Wivenhoe over the last few weeks and it continues. The south end of the basin is holding the numbers of fish. Locating these fish can be quite tricky with the large area you have to cover. Trolling can be the best way of finding those actively feeding bass. Smak Hardbodies has been picking up some good quality of fish. The flats out from Billys bay has been the main area. For the casting anglers soft plastics like the old faithful slider grubs and X zone swimmers has triggered the majority of the bites.

Moogerah Dam - Moogerah is Back and some amazing fishing to be had, with the lake recently getting some good inflow and the water clearing up slowly. The main basin before the trees has been the go too areas, the fish are holding in reasonably shallow water, 20 foot is the mark. Spoons, Plastics, and Tailspinners these fish arn't being fussy.

Lake Awoonga - With the recent ABT Barra open being held at Awoonga we seen some great fish caught and all over the lake. Still looking for the warmer water is key at this time of year as the water temp isn't very consistent throughout the lake. The shallow Jerkbait bite was quite popular during the day as the fish were cruising the shallows. The night bite was on fire. sitting deeper off main lake points was by far the standout. Casting lures like the Molix 140 shad and Zerek Live Mullet were the stand out once again.

Lake Monduran
- Monduran is getting plenty of attention and there's a good reason why, good fish are getting caught all over the lake, searching for the shallow warmer bays is key. find the bait and you'll find the fish. Traveling to the top isn't a must as many anglers are having good success in the lower end of the lake with the northerly winds hanging around, Bird bay is a good spot to start looking. These fish have been quite shallow and sitting not far from the bank, the Zerek Live Mullet has been by far the most successful lure and closely following is the Squidgy Slick rig 130. These lighter lures for this technique is seeing better results.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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