Fishing Report 30th September 2021

Fishing Report 30th September 2021

Photo: Riley Black with a Lake Monduran Barra

Lure Of The Week  - Jackall TN60

Jackall TN60 New Colours

An old faithful to most anglers, theres no better time to throw a Tn60 than now. Spring is upon us and so is the edge bite at alot of local Lakes.
The most successful freshwater tournament winning lure in Australian history!

Nothing short of a sensation…
First exploding onto the impoundment bass scene, TN’s are now proving their worth in a variety of fresh and salt applications.
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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Slowly on the improvement from previous weeks, considering the weather hasn't been the greatest there has been plenty of anglers getting out on our local lake. Good signs of yellow belly being on the bite, both bait and lure are getting their attention. The lure anglers have better success trolling jackall Tn60 or shallow diving Hardbodies. Keeping your lure above the weed is key to getting the bites. The bait anglers have had better success in the deeper water towards the Bouy line and Rock wall. Jigging zx blades and soft vibes is always a great method once you locate fish in deeper water. Good numbers of undersized cod and the odd legal one have been active as well.

Cressbrook Dam
- Not the greatest of fishing on Cressy this past week, the fish are scattered throughout the lake. Small bite windows which means timing is everything at the moment. The morning has been the better of the bite times. The main points in the Bullcock creek arm are holding the larger fish whereas the Main basin is holding scattered smaller fish. Spoons and smaller plastics being the lure of choice for most.

Leslie Dam - Week by week the fishing has been returning to its former self with some great results starting to come in. Anglers have had success working the shallower banks trolling lipless crankbaits. Both Yellow Belly and cod have been on the move. Yellow Belly well over 50cm have been caught this week. For the bait anglers saltwater yabbies proving their there the best freshwater bait out there with some great catches. The late afternoon bite has been the pick of the times. 

Moogerah Dam - Some sensational fishiing has been had on the lake this week. Huge numbers of fish were caught in a lot of different areas. The flat before the main set of trees is holding good numbers of fish. Targeting the schooled bass on these flats has been effective with both plastics and spoons. Trolling has been very popular amongst the timber with some very good yellow belly caught, also jigging metal blades in this area has been effective.

Somerset Dam - Reasonable reports coming in this week, bare in mind the lake has been extremely busy with school holidays and will continue this weekend. The bite time has been short but very sweet when the fish do turn on. Massive fish are on the move through out the lake. The bottom end of the lake has seen the Most activity. The spit and Bay 13 being the go to areas. Its definitely worth the early start before the boat traffic hits the lake. Targeting these schooled fish with either spoons and plastics have both had success.

Lake Awoonga - An amazing week on Lake Awoonga, The fishing has exploded over the last few weeks and it's only going to get better as the weather becomes more consistent. Over the last week we have seen 2 fish over 120cm one measuring 131. This year is going to be one to remember on the barra scene. Targeting Shallow weeded bays and points has been the method of choice. Finding the warmer water is a must as the water temp is still on the rise. Once we receive warmer weather the fish will sit on the open points in the deeper water. The ever so popular Molix 140 and zerek Live mullet have accounted for th\e majority of fish.

Lake Monduran - Coming off the full moon we seen this lake fish very well. With Northerly winds around this has been pushing the warmer water deep into bays this is getting the fish very shallow and quite active. Follow the wind to find these warmer parts. The Shads Hollow shads have accounted for good numbers of fish, changing jig head weight depending on water depth is key to keeping your lure in that bite zone for longer. Targeting the deeper points in the main Basin has also been effective with the Squidgy Slick Rid 130 and Molix 140.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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