Fishing Report 6th January 2023

Fishing Report 6th January 2023

Photo: Danny Stuart with a Spectre eating Moogerah Bass.

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - It’s great to see our lake fishing so we’ll over the busy Holiday period. The fish are schooled up in decent numbers amongst the deeper waters. Targeting the submerged tree tops and larger points. Again Zx blades and soft vibes have accounted for the majority of fish. For Bait anglers Both Saltwater Yabbies and Live worms have been working well. Bank fisherman have been rewarded for there efforts targeting the deeper sections of the banks around the rock wall and pontoon.

Cressbrook Dam - It’s been another hard week for the Bass fisherman at Cressbrook. Regardless of that there has been plenty of decent Yellow Belly being on the Bite, targeting structure close to the edges has been the go too. Blades have doing most of the damage.

Leslie Dam - It’s been a week of cricket scores on the Yellow Belly with amazing numbers being caught all throughout the lake. Very similar to other lakes with the fish sitting tight to structure and the bottom. The 20 foot mark seems to be the magic number. The every faithful ZX Blades have been dynamite yet again and prove there importance. A few Smaller Cod have been picked up amongst the Yellow Belly schools. Opposite side of the sandy creek mouth has been a popular spot for anglers this week as well as further up the creek, casting Jackall Tn60’s have also been successful in the dirty water up river.

Somerset Dam - A little Hit and miss again this week with some very good sessions and even tougher days. The afternoon bite has been the standout for most, the southern side of pelican point is holding the better numbers of fish, the majority of fish have been caught from 20-30 foot of water, keeping your lure tight to the Bottom is key. The Hot Bite spectre has been popular aswell as deep diving Cranks and a range of 20gram spoons being another deadly option.

Moogerah Dam - Moogerah is back and it’s great to see the quality of fish being caught especially with the amount of boat traffic this lake can get at this time of year. The fish have schooled up around the 6 knot zone further into the timber aswell as the flats before the timber. The Hot Bite Spectre shines again with some anglers getting up to 40 fish.

Monduran Dam - It’s been a tough slog for a lot of anglers this week but hopefully we see a change within the next few days as the Northerly winds creep in aswell as the Full Moon. If this doesn’t get the fish moving nothing will! Usual haunts like Bird Bay and B Bay are still holding the better numbers as well as the larger points amongst the main basin. Still no signs of fish moving around the Bouy line but with these hotter temps we could see this starting to happen. Plenty of smaller fish have been on the bit during daylight hours, targeting shallow weeded bays and points, The Shad’s Hollow Shad in 5 or 6inch has been effective as for the larger fish, targeting the deeper points it’s hard to go past the Molix 120 and 140.

The Weather

Weather Report 6th Jan 2023
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