Fishing Report 30th December 2022

Fishing Report 30th December 2022

Photo:  Kai and Karter George With a Pair of Cooby Yellas caught Jigging Soft Vibes

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Product Of The Week - Fish Obsessed Dominator Mount

DOMINATE the water and take your fishing to the highest level with the most versatile and innovative livescope mount available on the market.

Perspective view: The perspective mounting bracket with integrated ratcheting adjustments allows for more time fishing and less time aligning your livescope views; all while keeping your transducer straight forward and vertically aligned. Allows for multiple starboard and port mounting configurations for all types of mounting styles. Designed to be the fastest multi-function mount that has the capability of converting forward/down view to perspective view in a variety of different configurations. Ratcheting motion allows the user to quickly tune their perspective sonar images for varying water depths. Quick view changes with total beam coverage will have you back to Fishing in seconds!

Forward view and down view: The zero degree/straight clamps that we offer corrects the transducer geometry problem associated with the 8 degree clamp that came with the livescope kit, allowing you to have your sonar image, GPS position and transducer targets lined up. This improves the accuracy of your readings in vertical and forward/downward mode, making it simple and intuitive to get on the fish you are seeing as well as locate your lure or bait on the sonar screen. It is highly recommended to use a Fish Obsessed zero degree adapter with this system.

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Another Fantastic week on our local lake, a lot of anglers have some very good success, Vertical Jigging blades and soft vibes have again been the standout, as these fish are sitting tight to the bottom the trolling hasn't been as effective as previous week. The old ramp off camp Cooby has good numbers of Yellow Belly sitting amongst the dead trees on the bottom. Saltwater Yabbies and Live worms being popular for the bait fisherman, there has also been great success walking the bank.

Somerset - It's been another week of rocks and diamonds, the afternoon bite has been the pick of the times, throughout the day the fish have been quite spread out and a little harder to tempt into eating. The Hot Bite spectre has again proved to be the go to lure as well as 20 too 30 gram spoons and heavily weighted plastics. The southern end of pelican point is holding the larger numbers of fish. Keeping your lure tight to the bottom is key. Trolling has been effective finding those active fish during the day.

Leslie Dam - By far the most consistent lake at the moment, the majority of anglers having some unreal sessions, Jigging blades or soft vibes have yet again been the standout, targeting the spindle timber off the deeper edges or the ledge of the old creek bed will be your best bet. Saltwater Yabbies proving why they are the best Yellow Belly bait on the market with some incredible numbers being caught.

Boondooma Dam - A Lot of anglers have been heading up and having some good success at lake Boondooma, the edge bite has been Hot as well as the school fishing before the boat traffic hits the water. The Narrows have fished well targeting the rock walls with deep cranks and spinnerbaits while Both Pelican point and the Junction holding the better numbers. Metal blades, spoons and plastics have all had success. The Boyne and Stuart arms have fished well for Yellow Belly working the standing timber with blades and Saltwater yabbies getting the bites.

Monduran - Finally some consistent hotter temps and wind this week has seen a big change in fishing quality. The fish have started to move out into the deeper water and work the larger points in the Main Basin and Bird Bay. Its hard to go past the Molix 140 while these fish are sitting deep. Trolling has also been effective working the tree lines further up the lake. The ever faithful Barra Classic or 79 and 115 Super squirrel working as well.

Texas Dumaresq River - The great fishing continues as Cod season is in full swing after the recent flood events. The surface action has been incredible during the low light periods but if the weather permits its worth throwing it during the day as well, The Jackall Pompadour is one bait you don't head down there without. Shallow Diving wake baits and swimbaits are another great option as these rivers are full of Smaller Spangled Perch and Boney Bream.

The Weather

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BIG CATCH Jackpot Promotion

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