Fishing Report 8th October 2020

Fishing Report 8th October 2020

Photo: Aubrey Cormack with a solid Glenlyon Yellow Belly

Lure of the week

Molix Glide Bait 178
The Molix Glide Bait 178 is a 178mm, 3oz, slow sinking jointed hardbody glide bait, designed in collaboration with Carl Jocumsen.

Already a big fish producing bait, with plenty of Australian species already being caught, including Murray Cod, Barra and big Flathead. This lure will go toe to toe with any other brand on the market with its unique action and profile.

Working the lures with a low roll will see this bait look like a real fish swimming back with a nice subtle action. Sweep and pause the lure and you’ll see it do a full 180 on itself. Once you tie the Molix Glide 178 on you won’t take it off. It will hunt out the big fish..Find them here: Molix Glide Bait 178

Cooby Dam
With some better conditions over the weekend it seen a lot of anglers getting out, quite consistent reports of good yellow belly and smaller cod being caught, the deeper bite is slowly picking up, with these deeper fish, Zx Blades, soft Jackalls and for the bait anglers saltwater yabbies has been the go too. The hump off the buoy line is holding good numbers of fish. Trolling still seems to be the stand out method, keeping your lure over the weed has worked wonders, shallow diving hard bodies like the JD Eddy Dam Buster has accounted for some great fish. 

Cressbrook Dam
Good reports of Cressbrook still fishing quite well, the morning has been the most productive with plenty of active fishing willing to take a lure, Spoons and Plastics like the Slider grub have accounted for most of the fish, out from the ramp is holding good numbers of fish, the most active fish are holding quite deep. 30 Gram spoons like the hot bite raptor is ideal for this type of technique.

Somerset Dam
It's the place to be at the moment with plenty of hungry bass on the bite, Good schools of fish are spread out throughout the lake, the main spots like Bay 13, red rock, Kirliegh flats and the spit are worth a look to find those active fish. Spoons and Heavily weighted plastics are always a must have lure tied on, the trolling anglers are also getting good numbers of fish, the shallower flats of Kirkliegh are ideal for this situation.

Leslie Dam
A very busy school holidays at leslie and plenty of fish on the chew, the bait anglers were the consistent catchers saltwater yabbies and live worms getting the bites. Targeting the deeper water like the old creek bed was the trick to finding those hungry yellow belly. A few smaller cod were trolled up aswell, heavy Spinnerbaits dragged along the bottom was another go too technique for the lure fisherman.

Lake Monduran

Moduran is home of some massive Barramundy and the bite just keeps getting better and better, good results over the last few weeks, with the southerly wind the northern part of the lake is holding the majority of the active fish, find the bait youll find the fish, patience plays a huge part when Barra fishing and this lake can make the best anglers struggle. The jackall squirrel and 5-7inch plastics working a treat.

Glenlyon Dam
The fishing at glenlyon has picked up well and truely with the warmer weather, the Yellow Belly have come on the bite and are more than willing to eat a well worked lure, Casting Jackall Tn60's along the deeper banks and towards the sunken treen has picked up some great fish, targeting cod can be just as easy as the water warms up, the middle of the day the fish will move deep and sit in this same areas, casting large Spinnerbaits and Mumblers towards the heavy structure will be your best bet to getting a reaction from these fish.

Tip of The Week
The old saying Goes '' MATCH THE HATCH" when fishing a lake or any new System find out the main food source for the fish your targeting
For Example our Lure of the week this week is an amazing replication of a sand whiting, Molix Glide Bait have released a few new colours which are sure to be a winner, these are going to be deadly on the Falthead and Jew casting over those shallow flats where there's thousands of small whiting.

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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