Fishing Report 15th July 2021

Fishing Report 15th July 2021

Photo: Zach Taylor at Cressbrook Dam

Lure Of The Week - Barambah Bony Shad


The Barambah Bony Shad is a super life-like shad swimbait with a built-in interchangeable weight system that allows it to be fished from as shallow as 1 foot down to 30+ feet applications. It has two internal weight chambers built-in to house lead or plastic blocks. Allowing you to dial the bait into depths you want to fish it, without ugly chin weights. This is quickly done with a screwdriver (supplied). Swim action is further enhanced by aluminium stabilising pectoral fins and a head mounted tow point, allowing the bait to track deep. The Bony Shad will suit a wide variety of fresh and saltwater applications. Find them here: Barambah Bony Shad

Fishing Our Region

Dam levels for this week. Please note while the levels are current at time of the report, levels will still be rising and falling depending on weather activity & these percentages will change on a daily basis:
Cooby Dam - 17.7%
Cressbrook Dam - 35.7%
Glenlyon Dam - 64.39%
Leslie Dam - 47.56%
Pindari Dam - 79.7%
Copeton Dam - 56%
Somerserset Dam - 70.6%
Wivenhoe Dam Level - 42.1%
Coolmunda - 100.79%


Cooby Dam - Very similar results to last week, the fishing hasn't been easy unfortunately. A few smaller Cod have been on the move amongst the edges. Casting or trolling around the deeper banks has been the most productive. The Bait fisherman had better results with Saltwater Yabbies and worms being the pic of the baits. ZX blades or other metal blades and soft vibes have picked up the better fish. Jigging these lures vertical have been the best method.

Cressbrook Dam - Good steady reports from Cressbrook, this week the fish in the main basin have been a little harder to catch, the Bull Creek arm is holding good fish on the larger points while the Cressbrook creek has fish holding closer to the creek bed along deep ledges out from the Weed. Spoonshas by far been the most consistent lure again. From Nories Wasabie Spoons, G2's and Palms slow blatts they all have there time and place.

Leslie Dam - The fish have been few and far between as the water rises and dirtys up. Your best is fishinig the deeper and cleaner water towards the dam wall. A few reports of locals catching thee odd yellow belly from the bank, Bait like Saltwater Yabbies and prawns were the chosen Bait. If heading out there for a few days its been worth taking your shrimp traps as there has been great numbers of shrimp around.

Somerset Dam - The few better results during this week with some better fish caught. The Kirkliegh Flats and the Wiangie Creek mouth is holding the numbers of fish. Plastics and spoons being the go too. The trolling anglers having the better success up around the timber north of Kirkliegh. Good yellow belly have been caught up too 60cm.

Maroon Dam - This little gem of a lake has been fishing very well after its recent rise and Now spilling due to excess water. Casting super shallow is key! Jackall 61 or 67's have worked well on these hungry fish. With the lake full the fish have moved up chasing small gudgeons and Gar in the Grass. The trees have produced both good yellow belly and bass during the day, ZX Blades and skirted Jigs working really well.

Boondooma Dam - This lake just gets better week by week, the amount of fish this lake has produced has been amazing. The schools of fish are very spread out and very catch-able in many areas, The main ones being Pelican Gully and The boyne arm, A good mixture of lures have worked and not one single lure has been catching more than the other, Blades, Masks, Plastics and spoons have all had there great sessions. Not only the quantity of fish but the quality is their as well, the best its been for some time, plenty of fish around the 45cm mark.

Glenlyon Dam - The lake has been a little tough after another recent rise, the water has unfortunately dirtied with a lot of duck weed around. Be extra careful in the main basin with floating and submerged trees. Still targeting the shallower Points up the lake has been successful, Large Swimbaits like the top attack and Gigantarel has accounted for better results. Topwater can be another great technique while the dirty waters around a noisy bait like the Mudeye Snake can be the undoing of big fish.

Gold Coast Jumpin Pin - It's that time of year as the bream school up on there annual breeding season run, good numbers of fish are around if you put the time into finding them. Tiger Mullet channel and the deeper holes along Crusoe Island have held the quality fish. Drifting these areas with Plastics like the ever faithful Gulp shrimp and crabby being the go too. Good Numbers of flathead have around amongst the shallower water. Green Bank and the flats along Kalinga Bank has been popular.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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