Fishing Report 19th May 2023

Fishing Report 19th May 2023

Photo: Justin Bolitho with some cracker Somerset Bass    

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Product Of The Week - Nomad Squidtrex 

The Squidtrex Uses Patent Pending technology to combine a soft vibration lure into squid shaped body to produce a unique action designed to trigger bites. It can be jigged vertically cast or even trolled.

The soft TPE construction allows strength and durability matched with realistic movement of tentacles which waft and wiggle in the water to entice bites when sinking or even at rest. the heavy duty through wire construction and heavy gauge hooks allow you to fish this lure confidently for big fish. The additional eyelet on the belly allows for additional hook placement as required.

The weight placement allows the Squidtrex to be trolled with a crazy vibrating wobble at medium to high speeds. It can also be cast at structure or feeding fish and worked back subsurface on a straight or stop start retrieve.

Available in 4 sizes. 
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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Some good reports this week with plenty of fish being caught. Targeting the deeper water around the edges of the creek bed, using ZX40s and Soft Vibes have been working well. Trolling has seen a few fish caught, targeting the edges of weed beds and the deep water along the rockwalls have had the most success using Rmg Poltergeists and Little Rippers 18+. Saltwater Yabbies and Live Shrimp have been popular.

Cressbrook Dam - Cressbrook has been fishing a bit tough as of late. Targeting the deep water around the points has been key. Using blades and spoons and TN60s have been popular. Trolling along the edges has also been successful using Smak Golden Child and Blitz Bagas. Saltwater Yabbies and Live Worms have been the go to for bait.

Somerset Dam - Plenty of fish have been caught in the last week. Targeting the deep water around Pelican Point has been the most popular choice, using Spoons, Blades, Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits. Trolling has accounted for some good numbers of fish using Little Rippers 18+ and Rmg poltergeists. As for the Bait fishermen Saltwater Yabbies have been popular.

Leslie Dam - Finding structure on the bottom around the edge of the creek bed has been key to finding the better sized yellowbelly. again jigging zx blades and using salt water yabbies have worked well. there have been big numbers of smaller yellowbelly up in the shallower areas in 10-15ft but the bigger fish have been in deeper water around 30ft. trolling deep diving lures has been productive the week.

Moogerah Dam - Quality fishing at Moogerah with lots of decent sized Bass being landed in the deeper water with the bass schooling up on the flats. Large flat areas of 20-30 ft of water is holding the more consistent water temp and has drawn the fish there. the usual bass lures are doing the damage, Spoons, Blades and Jackall TN's. Trolling deep divers will also work well and for the bait angler live shrimp, worms and frozen salt water yabbies.

Jumpin Pin - The Cooler months bring in the best fishing in the estuary systems and the Pin is producing some quality fishing for Bream, Flathead and Jewfish. Fishing the outgoing tide in the deeper channels like Tiger Mullet and wider out from Curosoe island has seen the best catches. slow drifting with baits and soft plastics.

The Weather

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