Fishing Report 1st April 2021

Fishing Report 1st April 2021

Photo: Peter Bell with a great lake Monduran Barra

Lure Of The Week - Jackall Mikey 140

The Mikey consists of a 3-piece body design which produces a slithering snake like action.  This is the perfect bait to attract any surface/sub-surface feeder. These lures will swim along the top of the water with a wide fishy motion and leave a wake that will direct a fish’s attention to what is making the commotion - your lure. The sections knock against each other, producing a noise that fish seem to love.

The finish on the Mikey is superb and all the hardware is first class. Mikey is a top-of-the-line topwater walking bait and deserves to be in the boxes of all serious anglers

Find them here: Jackall Mikey 140

Fishing Our Region

Last week we introduced Dam levels to our weekly fishing reports while the current levels will still be rising these percentages will change on a daily basis.
Leslie  - 27.91%
Coolmunda  - 100.19% and Spilling 
Glenlyon  - 48.5%
Copeton - 39.4% 
Pindari - 48.1% 
Moogerah - 42.2% 
Maroon - 90.6%


Cooby Dam - Lake Cooby remains CLOSED for all boating and fishing activities due to Cylindrospermopsin levels exceeding the recreational water guidelines. Each week water is tested to ensure it meets safety standards for recreational activity (direct contact without water treatment). Cylindrospermopsin toxins have decreased to 0.5 g/L and this needs to be under 0.5. Enterococci levels have once again risen and are currently measuring 40 cfu/100ml (colony-forming units per millilitre) and must reduce to 35 cfu/100ml before we open the lake. Hopefully once the recent rain is settled we see this lake re open.

Cressbrook Dam - Lake Cressbrook will remain CLOSED for all boating and fishing activities as the current rainy weather may cause toxins to rise once again. Testing will be carried out during the week after any inflow from the rain has entered the lake.

Leslie Dam - A good reaction from the fish on our only open lake at the moment, with some good fish landed after the recent rain, while the water is dirty and will be for a little while the bait anglers have taken action and caught good fish. The bank fisherman took advantage of the higher water levels with both yellow belly and silver perch caught. The carp have been in huge numbers as well, live worms and saltwater yabbies being productive.

Somerset Dam - Somerset proved to fish very hard over the weekend, with a tournament putting pressure on the fish and after the recent rain the fish played hard to get. The tournament got won on a technique that's growing very quickly in Australia. Skirted Jigs were the go too over the weekend, as the rain has got the red claw on the move the fish. This style of bait is the ideal way to imitate this food source, keeping the jig tight to the bottom is key for this technique. The southern part of pelican point and the kirkliegh flats are holding numbers of fish its just matter of time of when they bite. The Hot Bite Spectre has still been a go too for many anglers.

Boondooma Dam - Boondooma unfortunately missed out on the recent rain keeping the fishing quite consistent once again, the topwater bite has still been hot of a morning and a decent edge bite during the day. The main basin is holding good amounts of fish towards the dam wall, targeting these fish with heavy spoons and plastics were the go too.

Maroon Dam - Maroon fished well considering the amount of water that fell into the lake during the recent rain. A massive rise in water made the edge fishing red hot over the weekend as the bass moved further up onto the edge. Spinnerbaits and TN60's were the main lure of choice. As the water begins to clean up we should see the top water bite well and truly in fine form. The back part of the lake fished well as this is where the water runs in from.

Glenlyon Dam - A huge influx of water last week has made the yellow belly fishing quite good, targeting where the water runs into the lake is your best bet as the fish will push towards it. The cod have been a little less active and will take a little bit of time to get use to the new water level. As the water clears and the weather begins to cool off well see this lake fire like last year. Topwater Baits like Mudeye rattle snake is the perfect bait imitation.

Lake Monduran - A tournament held on the lake last weekend and the fishing was red hot with plenty of fish on the move. The back of the lake fished well as the fish have started to move into the shallow bays and points. Casting plastics like the Squidgie Slick Rig and Castaic Jerky J accounted for a lot fish. The fish are holding in very tight timber so a locked drag is a must. The trolling anglers were also having good success out in the deeper water, lures like the ever faithful Barra Classic and Tilsan Barra have been a very consistent catcher.


The Weather

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7 Day Weather - Toowoomba Region

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