Fishing Report 3rd February 2023

Fishing Report 3rd February 2023

Photo: Jackson lowery with a great Bjelkie Bass caught on a Jackall TN60.

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Cooby has fished well again this week with the hotter weather hanging around. The majority of the fish have moved a little deeper to find the cooler temps. Jigging Metal blades and soft vibes have agan been the flavour of the week. Finding submerged structure is key as these fish are sitting close to the bottom. Plenty of anglers having good success around the rock wall and the hump that's off the buoy line. For the bait anglers there's plenty of action with saltwater yabbies and live worms.

Cressbrook Dam - With the Bass fishing being very tough and anglers finding very few fish to target. The Yellow Belly being in better numbers around the lake, these fish have reacted well to blades jigged close to the bottom or working them close to the newly formed weed. Good reports this week with the Red Claw being on the move these can be caught quite close to the bank with the lake being at 100%, remember 4 pot per person, and a name and number must be on the pot and the float.

Somerset Dam
- Somerset stays the same this week with some good numbers being caught just not the quality we were seeing a few weeks back. The southern side is still holding the majority of the fish while the Kirkleigh flats are also worth a look during those hot days. The Hot Bite Spectre remains the lure of choice while spoons and metal blades have been getting amongst the fish as well. During the hotter months in the shallower water its key is to keep your lure or bait tight to the bottom. Anglers trolling have had some great success, working deep diving hardbodies like the Little ripper lures and the Rapala DT20's has been successful.

Leslie Dam
- Another fantastic week on Leslie with huge amounts of fish being landed all over the lake, targeting the fish in 20-25 foot of water has seen the best results. Again Zx blades and soft vibes have been the standout. Locating structure on the edge of the creek bed is holding the better quality fish.

Bjelkie Peterson Dam
- Its great to see this lake producing some great fish and it continues this week, the lure fisherman have had the better results, the edge fishing has been very good during the low light periods of the day while fishing other times good schools have been located on the larger points. From deep crankbaits Jackall Tn60’s and Spinnerbaits.

Monduran - A definite improvement from previous weeks with good numbers of fish starting to appear amongst the basin and larger points in the area in particular. Trolling has been quite effective finding those more active fish while casting has had its moments if you are in the right spot at the right time. Up the back of the lake plenty of smaller fish have been on the bite, find the weed and you'll find the fish. Working weedless plastics like the 6inch Shad's Hollow shad has been quite productive.

The Weather

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