Fishing Report 8th April 2022

Fishing Report 8th April 2022

Photo: Rebecca Keipe with a great catch at Lake Monduran.

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    Fishing Our Region

    Cooby Dam - It's OPEN. The day has finally come, and with recent change to how the water is test/managed we should she the dam open a hell of a lot more.

    Cressbrook - A little bit quieter this week due the recent rain as the flooded weed and grass has started to die off and it is taking a toll on the fishing. Over the next few weeks as the water begins to clear again we should be in for some great fishing as these fish begin to school up in deeper water, targeting large points in the main basin will be your best bet, metal blades and spectre vibration jigs have been the best option to a reaction from the fish. With the fishing not being the best the red claw have been on the move.

    - Another amazing week, you don't have to travel far to catch fish, the dam wall area has huge amounts of smaller yellow belly schooled up in shallow water, 15-20ft has been the magic numbers. Jigging Zx blades or smaller soft vibes have been getting ridiculous amounts of fish, a few smaller cod have been caught throughout the week. Spinnerbaits and smaller chatterbaits have been getting the better results with the tannin stained water. There's been massive numbers of carp getting around, remember all carp must be disposed of. For the bait anglers saltwater yabbies and worms have been racking up the numbers of fish quite easily.

    - The recent rain was the best thing that could have happened to the lake as it is in pristine condition now with crystal clear water. The bass have been in numbers on the shallow flooded banks, small Blades, jerkbaits and Spinnrbiats have all accounted for some great fishing. During the low light periods there has been a great top water bite if you're keen for an early session.

    Somerset Dam
    - Unfortunately very few reports from our big bass fishery. With very dirty water it could be a while before it clears.

    - With a Tournament held on the lake last weekend we saw quite a few fish but nothing of great size. Small bass were caught on the deeper rockier edges around that 6ft mark, Metal blades like the Ever faithful Zx40 and Evergreen Little max blades, Hoping these off the bottom was key. Imitating small Red Claw and shrimp was the name of the game for most anglers. Good signs of numbers of Yellow Belly amongst standing timber in both the Stuart and Boyne arms.

    - With the weather cooling off we are still seeing some great numbers of fish caught and probably a better average of bigger fish being caught, before the real cool weather settles in we will see these fish feed up and we are already seeing this. The water temperature is dropping by the day, the fish are holding quite shallow amongst the warmer bays and points. When searching the lake make sure you are keeping your eye on the sounder and looking for that degree of warmer water. Again Popular lures like the Molix 140, Rt Shad and Squidgy slick rig never disappoint. The trolling anglers working the deeper water in the main basin are still having success. The ever faithful Barra classic 10-15ft have been dynamite, working points and deeper tree lines has seen results.

    The Weather

    Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

    Weather Report 8th April 2022

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