Fishing Report 11th February 2021

Fishing Report 11th February 2021

Photo: Terrisha Man with a Great Somerset Bass

Lure Of The Week - Barambah Bony Shad

Bony Shad - New Colours
Introducing 4 new amazing colours in the Barambah Boney Shad, Ayu, Banded Grunter, Purple Magic and Spangled Perch
The Barambah Bony Shad is a super life-like shad swimbait with a built-in interchangeable weight system that allows it to be fished from as shallow as 1 foot down to 30+ feet applications. It has two internal weight chambers built-in to house lead or plastic blocks. Allowing you to dial the bait into depths you want to fish it, without ugly chin weights. This is quickly done with a screwdriver (supplied). Swim action is further enhanced by aluminium stabilising pectoral fins and a head mounted tow point, allowing the bait to track deep. The Bony Shad will suit a wide variety of fresh and saltwater applications.

Find them here: Barambah Bony Shad

Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam
** UPDATE ** Cooby dam is CLOSED is due to the Enterococci level which is at 60cfu/100ml.
Cooby has fished reasonable throughout the week with anglers catching good numbers, the water is still a little unsettled after the recent rain which has made it hard for the lure anglers, the afternoon bite has been the standout with the bank fisherman getting in on the action, Saltwater Yabbies and live worms have worked best. Working the deeper section of the lake towards the bouy line seems to be the best option

Cressbrook Dam
Unfortunately Cylindrospermopsin levels at Lake Cressbrook exceed the Recreational Water Guidelines and still remains CLOSED till further notice.

Somerset Dam
Similar results from Somerset and very little has changed from previous weeks, with some great weather last weekend made the lake a very popular place, finding active fish away from the crowds will be your best bet. The Flats off the ramp at kirkliegh is holding good numbers of fish while Queen street, Pelican Point and The Spit is also Producing some quality fish. Its hard to go past the Hot Bite Spectre at the moment with the majority of the fish reacting well to these, A small Hop or Drag has been the standout technique. Trolling has been a great searching tool to find those active schools..

Lake Boondooma
Good results for most anglers over the weekend with good quality fish being caught, with the weather warming up the fish are schooled up and have been more than happy to eat a well presented lure or bait, Soft plastics like the slider grub has been the go too for a lot of fisherman, The Junction, Pelican Point and and the deeper water in the main basin have good areas, The edge bite has been good if your willing to put the time in, Fishing skirted jigs and soft vibes have been successful on the steeper rock walls. Fishing Slow is key with these fish.

Moogerah Dam
Consistent catches at moogerah over the past few weeks and it continues on, the shallow flats before the timber are holding fish, with a lot of the flats being less than 20 foot this can means a crazy variety of lures can come into play, From small Crankbaits to Spinnerbaits there has been a good reaction bite during the day. Trolling anglers have had some very rewarding sessions. Good Yellow belly have also been caught in these same areas, jigging the ever faithful ZX Blade has accounted for most, while Live worms have also been effective.

Lake Monduran 
Its been all about the trolling these past few weeks, we are seeing some amazing numbers of fish being caught from a lot of anglers, Lake Monduran is well and truly back to its former Glory for the trolling fisherman, with that being said it has been extremely hard for other anglers putting in the casts with very little out come. Trolling the edge of the creek bed in the deeper bays have paid off, a lot of the fish are suspended around that 15ft mark, Barra Classics and the new Jackall Super Squirrel 115 have both worked very well.

Gold Coast Jumpin Pin
A lot of local anglers taking advantage of the great weather at the moment, The pin has fished well after the recent rains as the water cleans up, Flathead and whiting have been in plague proportions, Kallinga Bank and Short island has fished well on the outgoing tides, if heading away from the Bar always be on the lookout for the cleaner water as this is where the majority of the fish will be. 
The prawns are also in good numbers not far from Jacobs well Ramp and up towards Cabbage Tree.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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