Fishing Report 5th February 2021

Fishing Report 5th February 2021

Photo: Danny Stuart with a Great Local Caught Bass

Lure Of The Week - Zerek Fish Trap

The Zereck Fish Trap is a soft lipless crankbait unlike any other on the market. It has a single curl tail at the back, it's tail beats at the slightest of movement, giving off visual and acoustic cues to the resident fish. Even when the lure is sitting on the bottom, the slightest current will have the tail pulsating and wriggling attracting the fish's attention. While on the lift and drop, the tail simulates a baitfish's tail perfectly as it swims through the water.

Built from the tough and durable TPE plastic, the Fish Trap has been designed to take on the toughest of fish with the use of extra strong split rings combining with the addition of ultratough 4x trebles. A through wire connecting all tow points that is moulded into the lead weight gives extra security in this vulnerable area. There is no doubt this lure is tough. Working with a strong vibration, the Fish Trap can be cast and retrieved in any depth or trolled for a unique presentation that shallow rock bar and weed bed fish just love!

There are 25 colours in the range that cover dirty water and clear water options, saltwater and freshwater options. There are also UV accents and highlights that take advantage of this latest phenomenon in lure colour schemes.
Find them here: Zerek Fish Trap


Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam
Good reports over the last week with some great fishing on our local lake, the afternoon bite still proves to be the most successful, the hump out from the buoy line is holding good fish, Zx blades or Soft Jackalls being the go too, trolling shallow diving hardbodies or lipless crankbaits above the broken weed has been the standout technique. Saltwater Yabbies and Live Bloodworms have been getting good numbers of fish for the bait anglers.

Leslie Dam
A few reports this past week of some good Cod caught up to 80cm, trolling hardbodies on the edge of the creek bed has been the standout, also for the casting anglers casting heavy spinnerbaits in these same areas have worked wonders.

Somerset Dam
School Holidays over and less boat traffic on the water we should see this lake really kick into gear, the fish are quite spread out throughout the lake, the main spots to check is Red Rock, The Kirkliegh Flats and queen street are holding massive numbers of fish, Hot bite Spectre has been the standout lure by a mile, Long cast with very small hops along the bottom has been the standout technique. Nories spoons also picking up some smaller fish. The trolling anglers are having very good success on the shallower flats up the northern end of the lake, keeping your tight to the bottom has been key.

Lake Boondooma
Boondooma continues to fish well, the fish are very spread out throughout the lake and there's been a great edge bite to add with the amazing fishing this dam has to offer, fishing the deeper rock walls with Jackall tn60s, Spinnerbaits and Skirted jigs is an awesome way to catch fish, the larger fish have all been caught with these baits. The deeper Flats on the junction and Pelican point is always worth a look, Blades, plastics and Spoons have been getting a lot of the fish.

Lake Awoonga 
Very good reports coming off the last full moon and still continues to fish reasonably well.  Locating the fish hasn't been the hard part, good numbers of fish around The New Zealand Gully and Dingo Island, while any deeper weedy point that the wind has been consistently blowing on can also pay off at the right time. The Molix 140 Shad and Zerek Live Muller has been by far the most consistent catcher, with some fish well over the meter mark already being caught this season this lake will only get better and better.

Lake Monduran 
Not a lot has changed this week Monduran has really fired up yet again. The trolling anglers have cleaned up over the last week as the fish have been sitting a little deeper. The old faithful Barra classics in the 10ft range has accounted for good numbers of fish. Fishing the shallower water and tops of trees has still been a go too technique on the residential fish. Targeting tight timber with Suspending Hardbodies like the 79 Squirrel and 115 Super Squirrel has been successful.

Tip Of The Week

Barramundi Tip
Any Barra impoundment you're heading too, always check the weather a few days or even a week before your trip, checking for that consistent wind can make a huge difference. Finding that warmer water and where the bait is hanging out can be the difference from a great trip to a very poor trip.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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