Fishing Report 18th February 2021

Fishing Report 18th February 2021

Photo: Joel Brazier with a Yellow Belly caught at Somerset 

Lure Of The Week - Molix 140 Shad

Molix 140 Shad
The Molix 140 has been a huge game changer in Impoundment Barra fishing, with a ridiculous amount of fish caught.
A jointed soft swimbait, designed for the great predators that live in deeper waters where jerk baits and spinnerbaits don’t arrive and where a traditional soft bait struggles to be attractive. The high frequency vibrations, produced by the blade inserted under the belly, recall the fishes that swim far from this lure, even in murky waters. The position of the ring in the head allows it to be used effectively and also vertically. It’s made with a new blend that makes it resistant and durable.

Find them here: Molix 140 Shad

Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam
Unfortunately Enterococci levels at Cooby Dam exceed the Recreational Water Guidelines and still remains CLOSED till further notice.

Cressbrook Dam
Unfortunately Cylindrospermopsin levels at Lake Cressbrook exceed the Recreational Water Guidelines and still remains CLOSED till further notice.

Leslie Dam
With a small Flow going into the dam has made the fishing quite good with the water slowly clearing up, targeting the deeper parts of the lake where the deeper water is has worked best. Jigging Blades and vertically dropping a bait has picked up some nice fish. Live worms and Saltwater Yabbies continues to produce.

Somerset Dam
Somerset has been on fire the past few weeks with some quality fish caught. The fish have spread out and have been caught in various spots over the lake, Bay 13, Queen Street, Kirkliegh and Pelican Point are all holding good amounts of fish. It’s been all about the vibration as the weather heats up, trolling hardbodies in these areas have picked up numerous amounts of fish, other anglers having great success on the Hot Bite Spectre, fishing this lure tight to the bottom has been key, long cast with very small hops along the bottom has been the standout technique

Lake Boondooma
By far the most consistent Qld Bass fishery, exception fishing over the last few months and still continues to do so. A good edge bite at the moment with some solid bass getting caught on spinnerbiats and lipless crankbaits, their also has been good number of saratoga being caught, the boyne arm of the lake haas fished well for them.

Lake Awoonga
Good results this past week, the fishing hasn't been easy and finding the fish hasnt been the hard part, searching for spots that havnt been hit is crucial when barra fishing.
This lake gets a lot of pressure over the holiday period. With a recent trip just gone the Points in the main basin on the North western side produced the majority of the fish. Good amounts of fish are holding on these points and can only be a matter of time before they bite if the weather lines up for you. Casting The ever faithful Molix 140 or the Zerek Live mullet has been the standout on these fish. Watching the tide times is critical in these Barramundi impoundments and can point you in the direction of when the fish are more than likely willing to eat, either the lead up to the tide change or after.

Lake Monduran 
Over the Past few weeks Monduran has really fired up and is yet to let up. The trolling anglers have been the consistent catches, over the last week as the fish have been sitting a little deeper. The old faithful Barra classics in the 10ft range has accounted for good numbers of fish.
Fishing the shallower water and tops of trees has still been a go too technique on the residential fish. Targeting tight timber with Suspending Hardbodies like the 79 Squirrel and 115 Super Squirrel has been successful also.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
 Weather Report 18th Feb 2021

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